Friday, December 12, 2008

Writing Exercise 46- Wordplay

This one's from Mark:

and enter your full name to generate a list of anagrams. Now choose one of the anagram results as your title and use it as an inspiration for a poem, short story, or essay. Word count should not exceed 350 words.

Read my piece taken from my anagram below:

Am Van Jig Root

Am Van Jig Root, the fabled root of the south
Is most sought after by men for it’s favored broth
Just a sip or two from its boiled stock, is like mana from heaven
And will leave you with a bull’s rage

An aphrodisiac to some, the most effective cure to others
Such revered is this herb, lest it could only be a myth
For no one has seen it…

In stories of the old, of legends and folklore;
You’ll need to climb mountains and dare deep crevasses to prune it, exactly at the sun set.
Legend has it that if you do have gotten hold of one, you must never take your eyes off from it;
Lest the moment you let it out of your sight, It will vanish to thin air.

Many have tried to find the Am Van Jig Root
Rich and poor, young and old alike;
Some on horses and mules, others on monstrous machines,
They bring plows and wonderful tools;

Gallant looking they are at first as they took on the mountains;
One minute proud, but weary cord tired faces at the last.

Once a foolish youth did the inevitable, the herb he tried to find;
A drunkard’s challenge, by the village inn;
Out of folly and merriment, a bet out of too many a sip
To the bartender he made a truce
Such is the lot, he drank whilst he did not paid;

He made the journey one dawn’s crisp air,
With nothing but himself along, which was too drunk to even care
He looked back to see peregrine cold faces,
As he took the strides...

Days went by, with no news of his travel
Without a mumble, heads bowed thinking it was failure;

Then came a dawn after a hundred suns
The boy did return, now a ruggedly clothed old man
With a grin he gave, to the awe agape bartender; the herb

How he did it, A secret that beats the hell out of you and me
But one thing I will do share... that old man here is me…

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Writing Exercise- Strictly Dialogue

This dialogue exercise evolved from a previous one by Luida. It involves writing something that is made up ENTIRELY OF DIALOGUE, but in short story form (NOT MORE than 350 words). That means, you absolutely CANNOT adapt the format of a play (e.g. JUAN: Good morning...). Also, you absolutely CANNOT use speech modifiers (e.g. ...said Juan, Juan said...).

Your piece should be made up entirely of sentences in quotation marks. And your piece must reveal something about the characters, the setting and the conflict/plot only through dialogue. A tip: One way to distinguish each character is to make them sound unique in their lines of dialogue, that way your reader won’t be confused who’s saying what.

Below is my piece, about soldiers trapped in a war.

Defeat and Malaria
(341 words)

“Get up soldier, for Christ’s sake, gather your remaining strengths and belt the enemy until the last round of your ammos!”

“I’d surely fight any day with you sarge, but this damn fever’s creeping in my gut. I’m getting weak with every passing minute, here.. aghh… Do you see my fuckin’ hands? God I’m too damn weak to even raise my rifle… slim chance support will get here. It’s all hopeless sarge, better to be holed up in this damn trench than be butchered above.”

“Do you hear yourself saying that soldier? I can shoot you here right now for uttering that… You used to be a ruthless soldier George, who’ll never think twice to fuck up fear into the enemy’s gut…. think soldier, how many battles we’ve won for home, sure as hell I am not gonna go down here without a fight!... Sam... Go up there and man the machine gun!, Damn mortar rounds are now dropping and the skinnies are inching us by the left flank…Don’t just stand there, maybe this’ll make you… I am not gonna think twice to shoot soldier, so do as you’re ordered!”

“Sarge… Aghh… Sergeant Buck! We’re all gonna die here, I’m telling ya…fighting this stupid war that’s not even ours to fight... we’ve been herded to the slaughter.”

“Get a hold of yourself soldier and fight, support’s gonna be here any minute now so we’ll have to hang on tight.”

“Really sorry sir, but ill just be here and wait for my time as with the others…We’re a brigade when we came here…now we’re reduced to a handful…The enemy was not even upon us then… Aghhh…stupid fever’s eating us one by one…”

“Goddamit soldier, don’t make me shoot you! Do as I say or ill have your head on a platter!”

“This is madness sarge…might as well shoot you to get through your fuckin’ brick head…give me a reason to shoot you… I just want to die in peace, can’t you see that? now go and leave me here to die... please…”

Writing Exercise- Personality sketch in 200 words

Imagine a life cut short into 750-1500 words. This is a writing technique called the personality sketch, which is commonly used for feature writing in paperbacks but has gained popularity in more mainstream media such as newspapers, magazines, periodicals, etc. Here’s an example of a special section published in the New York Times featuring the lives of people who died during the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Choose a person that you know (or create one using your imagination) and write a glimpse of his or her life, personality, idiosyncrasies, etc. Personality sketches usually use anecdotes, direct quotations, physical description, etc., but for the purpose of this writing activity, we can be more “creative” or “imaginative.” Write as you please, and introduce us to that person in no less than 200 words. :P

Below is my piece about a local musician's alterno life.

Julian Sev

Julian was a musician by the core, living and struggling in daylight at a local fast food chain and traversing the now diminishing city bars at night.

For years the downside of the local music industry has gotten into his thoughts and that earning a lump sum from it is always impossible. Sometimes he earns and sometimes he won’t, still he shrugs off that it’s another day to live by.

A musician’s life here in Cebu is uncertain, that he knows now, for no matter how hard he tries and just how focused he is, it’s always a struggle. The next best thing he thought his band could do is to move to Manila and gamble their chances for a break there.

“He’s always spending his time with his band after work and come home drunk on late nights. He just doesn’t have time for us anymore; I think he already has forgotten his duties with our children! I heard he has a relationship with some woman he met after a gig and that he’s now into drugs. That I don’t know if I’ll believe or not. It’s his stupid belief that someday his music will get him and his band far, but the way I see it all their efforts are in vain. It may even be a miracle if we’ll have a decent meal tonight.” His wife Sheree sobs.

Before the band, Julian Sev in his mid- 20’s and a father of 2 great kids, used to be just a reminiscent young man, an engineer by profession and an idealistic family man who always maintain a balance between his hectic schedule of work and quality time. His life made a 360 degree turn when he started a band along with Ernest and Neil. They took on the local music scene thinking that they’ll get somewhere…

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'MB Social Application: Enjoy easy access to media and mobile services anytime, anywhere

Ladies and gentlemen, enter I'MB, another first of it's kind social application offering from TMS Factory that gives convenient access on media to mobile services and is based on the social media F.F.F. rules.

With the application, you can enjoy quick and easy access from just about anywhere: From social networks, to desktop widgets and through mobile phones.

Here are a few tees as to why this product rocks:

I'MB provides an Ads on Demand (AOD) service which can be personalized and offers access to a feed of targeted client promotions and coupon collection directly on your mobile phone! So much for push spamming.

It also has a Friends Recommendations feature that offers to make and ask recommendations among friends about products, trips and travels etc.

And since not all the people from your circle may not be online all the time, I'MB provides a free SMS 3.0 service that spans worldwide! In here you can send free SMS text or SMS video to friends whenever, wherever.

For more info about this exciting product, visit: now and take advantage of cutting edge mobile advertising.

Watch out for I'MB's first version which is set to be launched in interactive social communities; Friendster and Facebook very soon!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

How to be invisible online? Get a Globe Prepaid Visibility Kit!

I was kind of excited when I got that 2,500K visibility prepaid kit from globe as I thought it was true to its word and so I opted for one over a regular line figuring it will end my woes for paying monthly bills because I couldn’t find the time.

Prior to this, I got a call from a client who wants me to write for him online during my spare night time hours. Figured I’d just decline for the reason that I don’t have internet connection at home but the client (bless him) helped me by paying for the connection set up.

I even endorsed to him that I’ve selected the globe prepaid kit for the reason that it has the fastest connection (promising 1.8 mbps) and because it was prepaid, it was the most convenient for me.

All’s well that ends well- or so I thought. I got my butt down to the bank to get the money from the client and proceeded right away to the service center and bought the kit. Installation was smooth though in my laptop and encountered a problem with my PC ,but I sorted it out after a razzle.

Then after the process, the dreaded signal came in which was Low service (I think) then GPRS. I don’t know if this is great but it was a snail paced connection completely the opposite of what was promised.

Talk about installation problems, their national customer service hotline by the way did not help me either. I called in at almost midnight and was picked up by a staff and was asked a couple of questions.

I was guided on the installation process and to figure out where did I went wrong and then abruptly my call was cut! I called a couple more times with different personnel taking my calls but the same thing happened. My calls were answered courteously though, but why was it suddenly cut off? I figured to quit calling and decided to figure out the problem on my own in the morning.

Damn’ I’ve been a victim of marketing! Eventually, I’d have to go every now and then to the corner store to load my kit, much to the seller’s surprise as I emptied her load as well. On the bright side though, I helped out increase the load seller’s earnings and I got to work wherever I want but still the connection remains numb at 5 pesos per 15 minutes.

SLOW-slow- slow. I think it took me hours to download and watch the videos that were sent by the client for me to view and be acquainted with and it was a hassle on my part as well as I’d have to research for more sources online to write his articles and it ate up my day!

Regrets aside, I may have to check up my PC for upgrades or anything that can help ease my problem out on the sidelines, but if given the choice, I would've returned this kit and have a cup of coffee instead! I really can't live with this one right now...

Latest update though on the product- If I'm not mistaken Globe has re-branded and added eye-candies including adverts to the kit and now names it "Tattoo Prepaid Kit" sell it at the low price range of Php 1, 800! Tsk tsk... I'll lend my advice to you in 2 words lest you experience what i've had with the kit....BETTER BEWARE...

Thursday, October 09, 2008

TMS Factory- The next evolution of marketing and advertising

I was out prowling the net just to pass out a boring Sunday, when I found this site: and the TMS Factory media to mobile platform.

Figured just have to share with you enterprise owners the good stuff which can land you an audience on a personalized level, among your targeted clients worldwide and lend effective results for your marketing and advertising campaigns.

They’re introducing what is probably the next step up the ladder of evolution for marketing and advertising- not through websites or online clich├ęs but through mobile phones!

TMS factory is a media to mobile platform that can mobilize websites and marketing campaigns. This is a great venue for enterprise owners and marketers to reach out to a broad client spectrum as the platform is Telco- independent (No more of those slow and expensive phone networks) and it is capable of connecting to all mobile operative service (OS) including iPhones and Blackberry throughout the world. With TMS Factory, businesses can shift and recourse their modes for marketing strategy and since ads are disseminated through mobile phones, give a more effective personalized approach to clients.

The program through the aide of Premium service, gives TMS Factory the advantage of making mobile versions of websites and ad campaigns that’s set on how you want your ad to appear. It also is Self-service where you are given the option to select widget templates from TMS Factory’s huge library collection composed of interactive, multimedia, downloads, services, microformats, and data templates to your taste. Now how’s that for starters!

Using the platform, you can easily create mobile offers using the hassle- free drag and drop navigation. What’s more is that TMS Factory can also provide links on the created offers for the convenient access of your customers to the business site.

This sure is a great marketing tool that’s very practical, straight, effective, and easy to use. Yet it will not burn a hole through your pockets as against the conventional advertising methods of today. Why not pay a visit at TMS Factory blog to learn more of this exciting advantage.

Monday, July 07, 2008

4 Ques when buying a used car

When shopping for a used car, “Indispensables” should be looked at first to ensure that you’re really buying your money’s worth and not riding a regret in the long run.

1. Watch out for that lemon- Probably the danger in buying used cars is when you don’t know much about the history of repairs and cranks of the vehicle you got, without proper vehicle inspection, probably you’ll end up stuck on the road and spending hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars on repairs. If you bought a lemon, your car’s better off at a local junkyard.

2. Odometer Readings – Be on the lookout for Odometer tampering. You might get a thought that you'll chose your used car based on it's odometer readings- as you figured that the lower its reading, the better the chances that you’re getting a good car! tsk tsk... well, a bummer for you then, for tampering abounds.

3. Vehicle Ownership history- This one has got to be the worst. Suppose you got a cool car, figured its the best in its class and you thought maybe you'd take it for a drive around town, meet with friends for a show; Suddenly you get pulled over and worst case- cuffed by the cops! Too late you found out that the cool car you’re driving is a “hot” one!

It’s much better that before you buy the car of your choice, you should be acquainted with its qualities in or out, accompanied by necessary documents such as ownership history- that way you’re assured of worry- free driving!

4. Purchase only from reliable dealers with Inspection services- The best part of them all, buy your car from a reliable dealer! You see, a good dealer will always see to it that the best service is given as much as possible according to the satisfaction of his customer so as to protect his name and reputation. You're also assured that your car has passed stringent inspection requirements before it has been set on display !

With a thousand dealers to choose from nowadays, seeing this part through may come as quite a burden. But with used car dealers like IBCJapan together with distribution partner AutoTerminal.Com, you can worry no more as their vehicles has passed the most stringent of inspection services plus more, to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth and satisfaction.

Browse their website now and avail of their services: IBCJapan and AutoTerminal.Com

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Clandestine - (Writing Exercise: Truth)

Supposing a drunk sits next to you in a bar, thinks you are his or her close friend and starts confessing “the truth.” Write about what “the truth” is in at least 200 words.

Capping my Friday night off the counter, downing 3 cold bottles of beer, I decided this is just one of those nights.

The dimly lit tavern, eyes blinking to the sound of blunt sonatas disturbed once in a while by the laughter of eager individuals relieving their troubles away with restless company.

Drinking my second bottle, I turned around to see who among the populace am I sitting with- but all I can see are silhouettes illuminated by the pale light.

Leaning over to reach for my wallet to pay the sarcastic new bartender who’s constantly eyeing me as if I will scram the minute I’ll stand.

Just then a hand patted mine. I looked up to see a stranger, who’s seemed to have gotten loaded somewhere, looking like an executive but smelling puke and with the look from his sleeves, obviously went through a beating.

Not to be rude and the affable person that I am, I begged pardon and asked who he is and motioned him to take a seat. Maybe I’ve known him from somewhere but I just couldn’t remember…with a rolling gait, he sat down.

He said in a freaky voice…"I am Randy (Hik) and you are Albert (Hik)… the awesome duo who always owns the night!” No I retorted, I’m Jovir and I don’t know you bai…you might have mistaken me for somebody else… He just smiled and pressed a finger in a hush and with a husky voice this time, spoke up “Bartender…bai, I’d like two more bottles of Red Horse kanang bugnaw kaayo” he calls him.

Turning freaky again, “Not another word from you, but did you remember our night out with Frank and Colleen? Jeez, I just don’t know how to say to her face that I'm gay! I mean just being there with the two of them, I just can’t bear looking at frank; my, the look of those muscles took me away for good. I just don’t know how to say this straight to Colleen that I just don’t love her; how with her every caress I long for Frank’s instead. This is what keeps bugging me; maybe you can help me out.

Noticing the situation and realizing evil fun with free beers. I just patted him and quipped “Ow Randy sometimes it’s just easier to let go and tell the truth. After all, it’s your life and your happiness that’s at stake here, better let it go!” all the while motioning him to go on.

“(Hik) You know what bert, I have sinned against my wife big time and I just couldn’t bear the truth of her reaction that her perfect husband is not all whom she thinks! You know what, me and Frank made it out tonight in his car. I had the time of my life when that pun of his made it through, how big as well, felt like my rear’s gonna explode and it’s still aching until now! I know you’ll drool when you’ll see it, but I’m certainly not sharing it with you!”

Nodding my head in sheer amusement with the things I heard, all the while gulping another bottle given by the bartender. I figured not to go on with the conversation so I’ll never hear more of his silly revelations but no, for he uttered further.

“How about we go to the restrooms (Hik) and I’ll let you feel the hole he’s made, I'm sure you’ll love it”

That’s it I’ve had enough…

Monday, May 26, 2008

Writing Exercise: Creative Description (Lechon Cebu!)

Figured to share with you a recent exercise we've had in the writer pool- that's all about creative description. We were given the task to talk about our favorite dish and describe as to why we like it without using adjectives traditionally associated with food. e.g: mouth watering, luscious etc.

The challenge was to come up with a creative way of describing food in 300 words minimum with a 1 hour window. Below is what i did for my part.

Lechon Cebu. I like it because of its meticulous preparation; which is set far apart from the traditional Spanish, Cantonese, and ordinary Filipino recipes.

The mixture of herbs and spices truly come alive the moment a Lechon Cebu is hauled from crimson burning charcoals cooked to perfection under bamboo crisscrosses, served with coconut vinegar, soy sauce and laden with blazing- hot Labuyo chillis.

The fat brown goodness holding an apple in its mouth, all crouched in a wooden tray coupled with its pungent yet pleasant whiff always never fail to lure whenever I’m in functions or in celebrations.

So enticing that it makes me automatically wanting to grab a plate and take a piece of it even in a boodle fight!

With every begotten slice- which in my case, comprise a large portion of the ever crusty skin near the mid section all the way to ribs, the sight of the brittle brown crust, syrupy and fair white meat underneath gives a flare to my eyes and rumble to my belly, giving my senses the stern announcement that another good thing (let alone the health complications and conscience breaking news which will soon follow if I ate too much) is rounding up the corner and coming their way.

The moment I take a bite, the burst of zest coming from the mixture of essences off the herbs and spices- which has now seeped through the meat after the long and rigorous cooking process truly lingers around my tongue and makes me want to take some more.

Such is the effect of Lechon Cebu for me that it has become quite my fancy even in hangouts with friends.

Conversations with Lechon Cebu and bottles of beer on the side, marks reward for camaraderie and pleasantries. With every bite and every sip, a companion for a good tete-a-tete among peers whenever, wherever.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Day before Yesterday (Global warming)

In the writer's pool we're given out another exercise this time in the field of poetry. Below is my expression on my fears of the adverse effects of global warming. Cheers.

It was inevitable. Armageddon has already left his pedestal and is now on his way. Whilst I see the large clouds now converging into a massive funnel of destruction magnified ten fold the damage and speed, I know he’s near and no one knows it but me.

The wise of long ago gave out the warning; they’ve made out the signs. But still the world will not listen and people continued their resilient ways.

From every man made contraption, the dissipate was abruptly given back to Gaia. In her immortality and mighty splendor, she succumbed to her failing health and is now giving us back what we deserved- her anger and punishment.

I watched, a hermit trapped behind the iron curtain of this god forsaken cave while the rest of the world lay sleeping without the knowledge of tonight’s looming catastrophe.

I’ve traveled the world and raised my voice to the busy multitude but everyone it seems, is just too engrossed to listen.

Then as I’ve fallen asleep sitting on this chair, the vision of tonight’s ordeal- blurry at first but suddenly became vivid with death as scenes of Oceans and rivers rising with people crushed after every passing wave, icy rain and colossal cyclones blasting across the now frozen lands.

All these ended with complete silence and darkness as black clouds blot out the sun…

I screamed upon seeing the sight but it seems I can’t hear my voice, I feel the pain and the loss but then I turned to look behind me after hearing a scream behind my ear that sounds too familiar to ignore. “Mata na oi,udto na!”

Whew, thank goodness its ma! Hmm, weird dream… Was it a scene from the movie The day after tomorrow? Looks kinda’ but I don’t think so... Not really.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Writing exercise: Writing in Persona

In our recently concluded writing exercise for the writer pool, we were asked to put ourselves in the persona of either a Deaf, Mute, Deaf-mute, Cripple or Blind person. We were then asked to write a poem or prose about a great experience in our lives and how we went through that experience under the disability we've chosen, at 200 words minimum.

Below is my piece. I've chosen a persona of a Deaf-mute.


In silence I wept but clinching my fists I rose and slammed my knuckles straight to those weary concrete walls…

Feeling the jabbing pain and the sight of my blood, brushing aside teardrops of anguish, shouts of agony, savoring the irony that you have given me.

This wall has always been my comfort and my refuge after what you have done to me, yet I cannot raise my voice and I cannot hear what you say, all that I can give is my smile, shed a tear, or in mere action I can only express what I feel, abiding with innocence to what is happening around me. When my days seemed so long with you… Inside I’m wishing it will always be this way.

I remembered that this wall laid witness to our bitter sweet memories together, the fun times we’ve had in the past along with our friends

We ran together, we’ve fallen, we’ve laughed. You heard my first laugh here or so it seemed to you; but to me it was only grunts and a pinch in my chest… a renewed feeling because I was happy.

Then that fateful day did came, seeing you play with our friends, I sat down behind this wall taking a peek every now and then to see your smile. All for me has changed; seeing everyone’s faces and laughter. I can make out reading your lips that you were mocking, strange… I could make out that everyone was mocking me and laughing with content.

Slowly I turned and ran the other way to hide by the comforts of my room vowing to never see you again.

Yet you followed. Teary eyed, you grabbed my hand and eased me down to talk, but all was lost for me that day and it seems it will always be.

Inside I felt helpless with treason and pity with which I was borne unto this world, lesser the boy I wished that I could be.

When all you thought that your mere words cannot work out, you showed me a heart sign and went your way…

I cuddled in my bed the whole time; everyone was bewildered by my strange actions.
I tried to sleep but thinking about the wall, sneaked out, surprised to see the sight.

You’ve left your wooden horse for me with ribbons and all, which I remembered was your most prized possession and beside it a note that you wrote. A Strange token. I opened my mouth to utter the words that are in my heart, but only oblivious silence can I hear... I will remember this night. I will never forget you...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Land better opportunities and career development with Phoenix Maritime Corp.!

Phoenix Maritime Corporation (PMC) one of the Philippines' premiere companies engaged in the business of manning ocean going vessels, recruitment of shipboard personnel, and providing ship support services for international trade; brings the good news to all Filipino seafarers.

Calling all:

* Qualified Senior Officers (Master, C/Officer, C/Engineers, 2/Engineers)

* Qualified Junior Officers (2nd Officer, 3rd Engineers, preferably with higher licenses)

* Experienced Chief Cooks

Join the ranks of officers that made a rewarding change in their careers, sail with PMC now!

Visit and apply via their website @: or visit The Sailor the official weblog of Phoenix Maritime Corporation

Source: Phoenix Maritime Corporation
Author: Message in a Bottle

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Writing Exercise 33: The Alternate Ending

In our last writing exercise, we were given the time to produce our very own alternate ending to Neil Gaiman's Babycakes in 150 words minimum.

Here's my very own continuation to the story.

View also Neil Gaiman reading Babycakes on Youtube

Neil Gaiman

A few years back all the animals went away.

We woke up one morning, and they just weren't there anymore. They didn't even leave us a note, or say good-bye. We never figured out quite where they'd gone.

We missed them.

Some of us thought that the world had ended, but it hadn't. There just weren't any more animals. No cats or rabbits, no dogs or whales, no fish in the seas, no birds in the skies.

We were all alone.

We didn't know what to do.

We wandered around lost, for a time, and then someone pointed out that just because we didn't have any animals anymore, that was no reason to change our lives. No reason to change our diets or to cease testing products that might cause us harm.

After all, there were still babies.

Babies can't talk. They can hardly move. A baby is not a rational thinking creature.

We made babies.

And we used them.

Some of them we ate. Baby flesh is tender and succulent.

We flayed their skin and decorated ourselves in it. Baby leather is soft and comfortable.

Some of them we tested.

We taped open their eyes, dripped detergents and shampoos in, a drop at a time.

We scarred them and scalded them. We burnt them. We clamped them and planted electrodes in their brains. We grafted, and we froze, and we irradiated.

The babies breathed our smoke, and the babies' veins flowed with our medicines and drugs, until they stopped breathing or until their blood ceased to flow.

It was hard, of course, but it was necessary.

No one could deny that.

With the animals gone, what else could we do?

Some people complained, of course. But then, they always do.

And everything went back to normal.


In time, this cannibalistic tradition, a by- product of a chaotic mind engulfed and trapped in the obsession for the rival of homo-sapiens' domination; flourished without inquiry.

As if given the power to rule over the Supreme Being’s enigmatic creations, the consumption was with cult following.

It has never come to pass, as in a conspiracy; everyone was destined to follow.

Then that fateful day did came. For in a turmoil of emotion, a youth that was tucked safely away and was forced to slumber under the bowels of our forsaken civilization, stood up.

No more did he say.

At the gathering for the fools feast, to the elders, he did point and raised the QUESTION.

In the shadows of murmurs, praises and protest, he pointed the inevitable.

And in the eyes of the gathering, at the swift hack of the executioner’s blade he was slain.

Sparkling and dripping in filth, his blood reflects an uprising against a rubbish tradition.

I was a part of that unruly crowd that night and I too felt ashamed of what i have become,

I QUESTIONED myself for every drop of innocent blood spilled...

Many years has passed since the last gathering, and everyone lived in peace; everyone figured it would end.

Then as in a swift awakening, the grey clouds of yesterday slowly melted away;

For now, our most shrewd learned to make animals out of babies...

Jasmin Uy

Friday, February 08, 2008

Left hand drive (LHD) vehicles now available at IBC Japan!

Buying pre-owned vehicles is now made even better at IBC Japan.

Now you can buy original Left Hand Drive (LHD) vehicles which include makes and models not common to Japan!

You not only get the best prices for these vehicles but you’ll also get the peace of mind- as always been the IBC Japan mark, that these vehicles have been Odometer inspected and owner certified before shipment to your destination. You’ll get to enjoy competitive pricing schemes and the same terms of trade as per your account settings after you’ve signed up for free!

For your queries, you can visit their website at: IBC Japan , call or email their 24/7 friendly customer service @ (81) 75 622 5091 email:

You can also avail of their IBC Chat and Skype IBC features- the fastest and the most convenient means around for customer assistance at a touch of a button. IBC Chat works just like any regular chat service with no installation required. Simply click the button on their website and immediate help will come to you right away. With Skype IBC, all you need is an internet connection, a Skype program installed on your pc and Skype account to conveniently call their customer service for free anywhere, anytime in the world!

Source: IBC Japan Ltd.
Author: Message in a Bottle

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

IBC Japan Ltd. - Why you should go for a pre-owned vehicle instead of a brand new one

For first time vehicle owners, newly-weds, parents giving a gift to their sons/daughters for graduation, executives on a temporary assignment overseas and far flung areas, and most of all people on a tight budget; a pre-owned vehicle would prove to be much more appropriate and much more practical than spending thousands of dollars over a brand new one- provided that the pre-owned vehicle bought is still in tip-top shape, in good running condition, and has passed stringent inspection services- a lot of people are more or less contended with owning one.

Affordability, reliability and durability are just three of the questions, but if you bought your pre-owned vehicle from a trusted dealer who not only “sell” vehicles but most importantly cares about the customer thru the addition of security checks and inspection services to insure that the vehicle sold is truly worth the customer’s money and offers fast and efficient shipment and customer support, then congratulations, for you’ve just stumbled upon the diamond in the haystack and the answer as to why you should go for a pre-owned vehicle!

With the stiff competition of car dealers worldwide these days, it won't be surprising to know that a lot would resort to empty promises and fraud just to lure customers which in turn will either get a lemon or worst of all, a stolen vehicle! To stay on the safe side, it would prove rewarding in the end if you've bought your vehicle from trusted dealers as they won't do anything foolish enough to stain their reputation, rest assured that you're sure to get in the best deals for your bucks "lemon" worry free!

Geographically, Japan has proven time and time again to be the best place to look for pre-owned vehicles- as most of the popular car brands and makes come from that place, the age of their pre-owned vehicles come in 5 years or less, Japan vehicles are set at bargain prices and that the durability of their vehicles are at par or sometimes exceed that of their western and way much newer counterparts.

Since the advent of the internet and online transactions, ordering and shipping pre-owned vehicles is now even made cheaper and much more easier, Buying a pre-owned vehicle straight from Japan is now just as easy as flicking your fingertips, as a lot of established dealers are offering this kind of service to help you with your purchases. 

One such pre-owned vehicle dealer that I would recommend is IBC Japan Ltd. together with its regional distribution partner Not only does IBC Japan source their vehicles from Japan but they also offer quality assurance inspection services- even stolen vehicle checks! fast and effective shipping and handling, 24/7 customer service support, the largest selection of vehicles in stock, online auctions in Japan and the best deals to boot.

What's even better is that they have a global coverage to better serve you, whenever, wherever; all you have to do is log on to their website @ / and become a member for free!Visit IBC Japan Ltd. and and check out if what I'm saying is true. Trust me you’ll never be disappointed. Good luck on your pre-owned vehicle hunt!

Source: IBC Japan Ltd.
Author: Message in a Bottle

Friday, January 11, 2008

Baratilyo sa Mango: A weeklong night market for shopping galore and the best finds at bargain prices!

To welcome 2008 and as part of the month long celebration of Cebu’s premiere festivity- the Sinulog Mardigras, we at Be* U Cebu market and bazaar will join the Cebuano community with a weeklong nightly fair that will showcase the trendiest shops in town offering unique collections of shoes, apparels and accessories.

Novelty shops will also be abound selling customized and personalized hand painted shirts, bags, shoes, recycled paper bags and notebooks. Shops specializing in the sale of native goods, “Pasalubong” and other souvenir items will also be present to appease locals and tourists with all items available at really bargain prices!

Dubbed as “Baratilyo sa Mango,” this event will run from 12:00 nn – 10:00 pm on January 13-19, 2007 at the Parking lot of One Mango Place, Gen. Maxilum Avenue (Mango Avenue) Cebu City. Adding up to the shopping frenzy, is our bazaar upstairs at the 3rd floor that operates daily from 3:00 pm – 12:00 mn.

So what are you waiting for? visit us now and experience the best in shopping!

About BE* U Cebu
BE* U Cebu is the newest market and bazaar located at the 3rd floor, One Mango Place, Gen. Maxilum St. (Mango Avenue) Cebu City. We’ve successfully opened our doors to the public last December 21, 2007 with “Garbo sa Sugbo,” a trade fair that featured the products and pride of Cebu towns and municipalities.

Contact Us:
Be* U Cebu Market and Bazaar 3rd Floor One Mango Place, Gen. Maxilum Avenue
(Mango Ave.) Cebu City

For shop owners interested to showcase booths and products with us, you can contact:

Daphne Teo- Sales Coordinator
Tel# 2387826 / Mobile# 09173200915

Visit Be* U Cebu now for more details!