Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Land better opportunities and career development with Phoenix Maritime Corp.!

Phoenix Maritime Corporation (PMC) one of the Philippines' premiere companies engaged in the business of manning ocean going vessels, recruitment of shipboard personnel, and providing ship support services for international trade; brings the good news to all Filipino seafarers.

Calling all:

* Qualified Senior Officers (Master, C/Officer, C/Engineers, 2/Engineers)

* Qualified Junior Officers (2nd Officer, 3rd Engineers, preferably with higher licenses)

* Experienced Chief Cooks

Join the ranks of officers that made a rewarding change in their careers, sail with PMC now!

Visit and apply via their website @: or visit The Sailor the official weblog of Phoenix Maritime Corporation

Source: Phoenix Maritime Corporation
Author: Message in a Bottle


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Nice post, another opportunity for those who seek to work.

Steven Thompson Santos said...

I will consider this company, once I graduate at Thanks!