Friday, December 12, 2008

Writing Exercise 46- Wordplay

This one's from Mark:

and enter your full name to generate a list of anagrams. Now choose one of the anagram results as your title and use it as an inspiration for a poem, short story, or essay. Word count should not exceed 350 words.

Read my piece taken from my anagram below:

Am Van Jig Root

Am Van Jig Root, the fabled root of the south
Is most sought after by men for it’s favored broth
Just a sip or two from its boiled stock, is like mana from heaven
And will leave you with a bull’s rage

An aphrodisiac to some, the most effective cure to others
Such revered is this herb, lest it could only be a myth
For no one has seen it…

In stories of the old, of legends and folklore;
You’ll need to climb mountains and dare deep crevasses to prune it, exactly at the sun set.
Legend has it that if you do have gotten hold of one, you must never take your eyes off from it;
Lest the moment you let it out of your sight, It will vanish to thin air.

Many have tried to find the Am Van Jig Root
Rich and poor, young and old alike;
Some on horses and mules, others on monstrous machines,
They bring plows and wonderful tools;

Gallant looking they are at first as they took on the mountains;
One minute proud, but weary cord tired faces at the last.

Once a foolish youth did the inevitable, the herb he tried to find;
A drunkard’s challenge, by the village inn;
Out of folly and merriment, a bet out of too many a sip
To the bartender he made a truce
Such is the lot, he drank whilst he did not paid;

He made the journey one dawn’s crisp air,
With nothing but himself along, which was too drunk to even care
He looked back to see peregrine cold faces,
As he took the strides...

Days went by, with no news of his travel
Without a mumble, heads bowed thinking it was failure;

Then came a dawn after a hundred suns
The boy did return, now a ruggedly clothed old man
With a grin he gave, to the awe agape bartender; the herb

How he did it, A secret that beats the hell out of you and me
But one thing I will do share... that old man here is me…


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