Thursday, October 09, 2008

TMS Factory- The next evolution of marketing and advertising

I was out prowling the net just to pass out a boring Sunday, when I found this site: and the TMS Factory media to mobile platform.

Figured just have to share with you enterprise owners the good stuff which can land you an audience on a personalized level, among your targeted clients worldwide and lend effective results for your marketing and advertising campaigns.

They’re introducing what is probably the next step up the ladder of evolution for marketing and advertising- not through websites or online clich├ęs but through mobile phones!

TMS factory is a media to mobile platform that can mobilize websites and marketing campaigns. This is a great venue for enterprise owners and marketers to reach out to a broad client spectrum as the platform is Telco- independent (No more of those slow and expensive phone networks) and it is capable of connecting to all mobile operative service (OS) including iPhones and Blackberry throughout the world. With TMS Factory, businesses can shift and recourse their modes for marketing strategy and since ads are disseminated through mobile phones, give a more effective personalized approach to clients.

The program through the aide of Premium service, gives TMS Factory the advantage of making mobile versions of websites and ad campaigns that’s set on how you want your ad to appear. It also is Self-service where you are given the option to select widget templates from TMS Factory’s huge library collection composed of interactive, multimedia, downloads, services, microformats, and data templates to your taste. Now how’s that for starters!

Using the platform, you can easily create mobile offers using the hassle- free drag and drop navigation. What’s more is that TMS Factory can also provide links on the created offers for the convenient access of your customers to the business site.

This sure is a great marketing tool that’s very practical, straight, effective, and easy to use. Yet it will not burn a hole through your pockets as against the conventional advertising methods of today. Why not pay a visit at TMS Factory blog to learn more of this exciting advantage.


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