Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The day has come indeed for Hassidic Jewish Reggae: Matisyahu

Heard Matisyahu featuring Akon- One Day playing on the radio, while dozing off my hot Sunday afternoon by the seafront and man my ears perked up to this new sound, which seemed to me was a combination of reggae, a pint of electronica/ hip-hop on an enhanced no woman, no cry format. The blend of beats is quite catchy and the lyrics come poetic.

I've learned that this was the soundtrack of the 2010 Winter Olympics in V
ancouver that put the limelight on Matisyahu to an even broader audience with positive respond.

Figured to do a backgroun
d check to get a glimpse of the artist and I was kind of surprised to have come across Matisyahu and the new line of genre he represents - which is Hassidic Jewish Reggae by the way or the blending of traditional Jewish themes with that of reggae beats. (Ever seen a Rabbi-looking guy groove?) Matisyahu embraced his music but incorporated his forte- adding hip-hop and rock, raising his music a notch higher.

As I got hold of his Album 'Light' off from his 2009 release, I felt a bit awkward of his other songs but eventually my ears inched a liking to the chill outs: We will walk, Eccentric beat lined- Escape, Motivate and Thunder to name a few.

Treat your ears to an exotic experience! Tick the Youtube video below for Matisyahu ft. Akon's One Day or simply listen to this blog's mixpod, it's already on.