Monday, July 07, 2008

4 Ques when buying a used car

When shopping for a used car, “Indispensables” should be looked at first to ensure that you’re really buying your money’s worth and not riding a regret in the long run.

1. Watch out for that lemon- Probably the danger in buying used cars is when you don’t know much about the history of repairs and cranks of the vehicle you got, without proper vehicle inspection, probably you’ll end up stuck on the road and spending hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars on repairs. If you bought a lemon, your car’s better off at a local junkyard.

2. Odometer Readings – Be on the lookout for Odometer tampering. You might get a thought that you'll chose your used car based on it's odometer readings- as you figured that the lower its reading, the better the chances that you’re getting a good car! tsk tsk... well, a bummer for you then, for tampering abounds.

3. Vehicle Ownership history- This one has got to be the worst. Suppose you got a cool car, figured its the best in its class and you thought maybe you'd take it for a drive around town, meet with friends for a show; Suddenly you get pulled over and worst case- cuffed by the cops! Too late you found out that the cool car you’re driving is a “hot” one!

It’s much better that before you buy the car of your choice, you should be acquainted with its qualities in or out, accompanied by necessary documents such as ownership history- that way you’re assured of worry- free driving!

4. Purchase only from reliable dealers with Inspection services- The best part of them all, buy your car from a reliable dealer! You see, a good dealer will always see to it that the best service is given as much as possible according to the satisfaction of his customer so as to protect his name and reputation. You're also assured that your car has passed stringent inspection requirements before it has been set on display !

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