Friday, July 20, 2007

Writing exercises: 30-word Cinquains

I got the idea for this great writing exercise from Adria's Cinquain community project site; do check her site out at: and get in line with everybody's bigger picture of life, expressed in a few words.(as always, more power to you and thanks for the inspiration.)

I shared it among the writer pool, along with some pictures as topics, with a format of having 30 words (5 lines x 6 words on each.)

Below are what I came up for my part.



A. Living with hunger

I swallowed my pride in asking

The pain, deliberate hunger hid undertow

Getting weaker, death in the making,

Crawling, aching, feeling my blood flow

Hoping for pity you might bestow.

B. Toilet Blues

Gripping mayhem with hands trembling stiff

Cursing the heavens, running down fast

Holding, gastronomic gases that people sniff

In desperation, hold out the last

Letting out bowels, watching them splat.


Source: Message in a Bottle