Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Maguindanao Massacre- Proof of clamped press freedom in the Philippines

I'd like to convey my respects to the brave men and women from the media- who has to sadly lose their lives in seek of truth in a political turmoil that has blown out of proportions. The 30 who were not only killed but butchered on a hillside road in Ampatuan, Maguindanao is another eye opener of the worsening situation here in the Philippines- Jesus Christ we have capped off Iraq and earned the reputation as the most dangerous country on earth for journalists!

For the nth time, media practioners should not be entwined with agendas and must not be harmed for they are the "chroniclers". A hapless event such as this must not go about off the hook because it clearly defines that the country (as with the past killings) is now run with powerful hoodlums in robes; whom will never stop silencing media critics, SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT...

This blow to Press Freedom in the country brings the tally to 134 deaths of media men murdered since the tug of war for democracy in 1986 with a lot of cases still unsolved; with deaths blamed on political warlords who control the police and the justice arm within their realms- all hell bent to preserve their seats and are useful for political patrons as they bring in "the votes" for political parties. In the Arroyo administration alone, the number is already 74 and rising...?

When news broke out of the massacre- the whole world was virtually shocked and a lot of protests and condemnations issued, candles lit and protest rallies staged in honor of the lives lost in what's been dubbed as the worst attack in the world against media practitioners.

Unprecedented as it may seem, this reputation is a stern reflection that needs immediate action not only for the ones in power but for everyone... unless of course we Filipinos are contented to live with shame in the eyes of the world...