Monday, May 26, 2008

Writing Exercise: Creative Description (Lechon Cebu!)

Figured to share with you a recent exercise we've had in the writer pool- that's all about creative description. We were given the task to talk about our favorite dish and describe as to why we like it without using adjectives traditionally associated with food. e.g: mouth watering, luscious etc.

The challenge was to come up with a creative way of describing food in 300 words minimum with a 1 hour window. Below is what i did for my part.

Lechon Cebu. I like it because of its meticulous preparation; which is set far apart from the traditional Spanish, Cantonese, and ordinary Filipino recipes.

The mixture of herbs and spices truly come alive the moment a Lechon Cebu is hauled from crimson burning charcoals cooked to perfection under bamboo crisscrosses, served with coconut vinegar, soy sauce and laden with blazing- hot Labuyo chillis.

The fat brown goodness holding an apple in its mouth, all crouched in a wooden tray coupled with its pungent yet pleasant whiff always never fail to lure whenever I’m in functions or in celebrations.

So enticing that it makes me automatically wanting to grab a plate and take a piece of it even in a boodle fight!

With every begotten slice- which in my case, comprise a large portion of the ever crusty skin near the mid section all the way to ribs, the sight of the brittle brown crust, syrupy and fair white meat underneath gives a flare to my eyes and rumble to my belly, giving my senses the stern announcement that another good thing (let alone the health complications and conscience breaking news which will soon follow if I ate too much) is rounding up the corner and coming their way.

The moment I take a bite, the burst of zest coming from the mixture of essences off the herbs and spices- which has now seeped through the meat after the long and rigorous cooking process truly lingers around my tongue and makes me want to take some more.

Such is the effect of Lechon Cebu for me that it has become quite my fancy even in hangouts with friends.

Conversations with Lechon Cebu and bottles of beer on the side, marks reward for camaraderie and pleasantries. With every bite and every sip, a companion for a good tete-a-tete among peers whenever, wherever.


Megan said...

Lechon cebu really taste good. The tasty meat and crunchy skin was great. It is very flavorful. And the meat was tender juicy. Ohhh i love lechon cebu ever. Its very delicious.

Lechon cebu is the best lechon.

depedcebu said...

Hi Megan,

Have you test the lechong Balayan...
But actually lechong Cebu is the best

lorain said...

I agree. Lechon cebu is the best. They are the best lechon with hanging rice and coke or sprite wow yummmy.

try lechon cebu

Anonymous said...

I agree with you all..nothing beats lechon cebu..the one and only..mouth-watering..

Celdran said...

Definitely the ultimate when it comes to lechon!...Whenever my family gets home for the holidays, this sure is the palate that's atop the party table!.

I miss home and definitely, Lechon Cebu!