Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'MB Social Application: Enjoy easy access to media and mobile services anytime, anywhere

Ladies and gentlemen, enter I'MB, another first of it's kind social application offering from TMS Factory that gives convenient access on media to mobile services and is based on the social media F.F.F. rules.

With the application, you can enjoy quick and easy access from just about anywhere: From social networks, to desktop widgets and through mobile phones.

Here are a few tees as to why this product rocks:

I'MB provides an Ads on Demand (AOD) service which can be personalized and offers access to a feed of targeted client promotions and coupon collection directly on your mobile phone! So much for push spamming.

It also has a Friends Recommendations feature that offers to make and ask recommendations among friends about products, trips and travels etc.

And since not all the people from your circle may not be online all the time, I'MB provides a free SMS 3.0 service that spans worldwide! In here you can send free SMS text or SMS video to friends whenever, wherever.

For more info about this exciting product, visit: now and take advantage of cutting edge mobile advertising.

Watch out for I'MB's first version which is set to be launched in interactive social communities; Friendster and Facebook very soon!


Lance said...

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Trent said...

Sounds pretty cool.