Monday, April 21, 2008

The Day before Yesterday (Global warming)

In the writer's pool we're given out another exercise this time in the field of poetry. Below is my expression on my fears of the adverse effects of global warming. Cheers.

It was inevitable. Armageddon has already left his pedestal and is now on his way. Whilst I see the large clouds now converging into a massive funnel of destruction magnified ten fold the damage and speed, I know he’s near and no one knows it but me.

The wise of long ago gave out the warning; they’ve made out the signs. But still the world will not listen and people continued their resilient ways.

From every man made contraption, the dissipate was abruptly given back to Gaia. In her immortality and mighty splendor, she succumbed to her failing health and is now giving us back what we deserved- her anger and punishment.

I watched, a hermit trapped behind the iron curtain of this god forsaken cave while the rest of the world lay sleeping without the knowledge of tonight’s looming catastrophe.

I’ve traveled the world and raised my voice to the busy multitude but everyone it seems, is just too engrossed to listen.

Then as I’ve fallen asleep sitting on this chair, the vision of tonight’s ordeal- blurry at first but suddenly became vivid with death as scenes of Oceans and rivers rising with people crushed after every passing wave, icy rain and colossal cyclones blasting across the now frozen lands.

All these ended with complete silence and darkness as black clouds blot out the sun…

I screamed upon seeing the sight but it seems I can’t hear my voice, I feel the pain and the loss but then I turned to look behind me after hearing a scream behind my ear that sounds too familiar to ignore. “Mata na oi,udto na!”

Whew, thank goodness its ma! Hmm, weird dream… Was it a scene from the movie The day after tomorrow? Looks kinda’ but I don’t think so... Not really.

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