Tuesday, October 21, 2008

How to be invisible online? Get a Globe Prepaid Visibility Kit!

I was kind of excited when I got that 2,500K visibility prepaid kit from globe as I thought it was true to its word and so I opted for one over a regular line figuring it will end my woes for paying monthly bills because I couldn’t find the time.

Prior to this, I got a call from a client who wants me to write for him online during my spare night time hours. Figured I’d just decline for the reason that I don’t have internet connection at home but the client (bless him) helped me by paying for the connection set up.

I even endorsed to him that I’ve selected the globe prepaid kit for the reason that it has the fastest connection (promising 1.8 mbps) and because it was prepaid, it was the most convenient for me.

All’s well that ends well- or so I thought. I got my butt down to the bank to get the money from the client and proceeded right away to the service center and bought the kit. Installation was smooth though in my laptop and encountered a problem with my PC ,but I sorted it out after a razzle.

Then after the process, the dreaded signal came in which was Low service (I think) then GPRS. I don’t know if this is great but it was a snail paced connection completely the opposite of what was promised.

Talk about installation problems, their national customer service hotline by the way did not help me either. I called in at almost midnight and was picked up by a staff and was asked a couple of questions.

I was guided on the installation process and to figure out where did I went wrong and then abruptly my call was cut! I called a couple more times with different personnel taking my calls but the same thing happened. My calls were answered courteously though, but why was it suddenly cut off? I figured to quit calling and decided to figure out the problem on my own in the morning.

Damn’ I’ve been a victim of marketing! Eventually, I’d have to go every now and then to the corner store to load my kit, much to the seller’s surprise as I emptied her load as well. On the bright side though, I helped out increase the load seller’s earnings and I got to work wherever I want but still the connection remains numb at 5 pesos per 15 minutes.

SLOW-slow- slow. I think it took me hours to download and watch the videos that were sent by the client for me to view and be acquainted with and it was a hassle on my part as well as I’d have to research for more sources online to write his articles and it ate up my day!

Regrets aside, I may have to check up my PC for upgrades or anything that can help ease my problem out on the sidelines, but if given the choice, I would've returned this kit and have a cup of coffee instead! I really can't live with this one right now...

Latest update though on the product- If I'm not mistaken Globe has re-branded and added eye-candies including adverts to the kit and now names it "Tattoo Prepaid Kit" sell it at the low price range of Php 1, 800! Tsk tsk... I'll lend my advice to you in 2 words lest you experience what i've had with the kit....BETTER BEWARE...


Anonymous said...

in the end, what i can only say to all..BEWARE of GLOBE Visibility with hsdpa..don’t just believe when they say it works OK in your place…once you are tricked, you will be bounded by a contract, and it will be too late to complain..


pinoy concerned said...

Unsa on man na kay duha lang ang player sa internet. Monopoly gyud.

Message in a Bottle said...

Thanks for the comments guys. With the way things are running round the net, i guess we'll just have to cross our fingers then. Cheers always