Friday, December 14, 2007

Imogen Heap: Warp your way to electric dreams

Then I was 3 years too late…

I was never into ambient and electronica that much, until a friend of mine- Isabelle, whose very much into this contraption, introduced to me a couple of Imogen and Frou frou’s treat for the hearing. I on the other hand, got a bit reluctant at first to hear but eventually got the guts and curiosity to try out a few songs off from her 2004-05 Speak for yourself album and boom! The headphones never wore off since then- to the point that even at home I’ve gotten the habit of putting myself to bed with a cue of her songs playing.

With power tracks like: “Headlock”, “Goodnight and go”, “Have you got it in you”, “Hide and seek”- a strange concoction of musicality, “Clear the area” – my personal favorite along with “The walk”

I eventually entered her powerhouse and asked for more of her hits from everyone who has a collection of her songs, some of which led me to her now- defunct band Frou frou hits (My favorites include: “Maddening shroud”, “Must be dreaming”, “Psychobabble”, and “Shh” and an array of her other offerings.

Perhaps, in this day and age this artist from the UK and her music rocks! Imogen is a must tripper as it gives the ears something new and nostalgic, away from the clutches of guitars, heavy theatrics and stuff. I’ve tried her stuff and I’m feeling it way down in my dreams and so should you!

For Imogen fans out there, pay her site a visit for more news and updates of her tours and stuff at:

P.S. Kudos Imogen heap!!!


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