Tuesday, January 22, 2008

IBC Japan Ltd. - Why you should go for a pre-owned vehicle instead of a brand new one

For first time vehicle owners, newly-weds, parents giving a gift to their sons/daughters for graduation, executives on a temporary assignment overseas and far flung areas, and most of all people on a tight budget; a pre-owned vehicle would prove to be much more appropriate and much more practical than spending thousands of dollars over a brand new one- provided that the pre-owned vehicle bought is still in tip-top shape, in good running condition, and has passed stringent inspection services- a lot of people are more or less contended with owning one.

Affordability, reliability and durability are just three of the questions, but if you bought your pre-owned vehicle from a trusted dealer who not only “sell” vehicles but most importantly cares about the customer thru the addition of security checks and inspection services to insure that the vehicle sold is truly worth the customer’s money and offers fast and efficient shipment and customer support, then congratulations, for you’ve just stumbled upon the diamond in the haystack and the answer as to why you should go for a pre-owned vehicle!

With the stiff competition of car dealers worldwide these days, it won't be surprising to know that a lot would resort to empty promises and fraud just to lure customers which in turn will either get a lemon or worst of all, a stolen vehicle! To stay on the safe side, it would prove rewarding in the end if you've bought your vehicle from trusted dealers as they won't do anything foolish enough to stain their reputation, rest assured that you're sure to get in the best deals for your bucks "lemon" worry free!

Geographically, Japan has proven time and time again to be the best place to look for pre-owned vehicles- as most of the popular car brands and makes come from that place, the age of their pre-owned vehicles come in 5 years or less, Japan vehicles are set at bargain prices and that the durability of their vehicles are at par or sometimes exceed that of their western and way much newer counterparts.

Since the advent of the internet and online transactions, ordering and shipping pre-owned vehicles is now even made cheaper and much more easier, Buying a pre-owned vehicle straight from Japan is now just as easy as flicking your fingertips, as a lot of established dealers are offering this kind of service to help you with your purchases. 

One such pre-owned vehicle dealer that I would recommend is IBC Japan Ltd. together with its regional distribution partner AutoTerminal.com. Not only does IBC Japan source their vehicles from Japan but they also offer quality assurance inspection services- even stolen vehicle checks! fast and effective shipping and handling, 24/7 customer service support, the largest selection of vehicles in stock, online auctions in Japan and the best deals to boot.

What's even better is that they have a global coverage to better serve you, whenever, wherever; all you have to do is log on to their website @ www.ibcjapan.co.jp / www.autoterminal.com and become a member for free!Visit IBC Japan Ltd. and AutoTerminal.com and check out if what I'm saying is true. Trust me you’ll never be disappointed. Good luck on your pre-owned vehicle hunt!

Source: IBC Japan Ltd.
Author: Message in a Bottle

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