Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Clandestine - (Writing Exercise: Truth)

Supposing a drunk sits next to you in a bar, thinks you are his or her close friend and starts confessing “the truth.” Write about what “the truth” is in at least 200 words.

Capping my Friday night off the counter, downing 3 cold bottles of beer, I decided this is just one of those nights.

The dimly lit tavern, eyes blinking to the sound of blunt sonatas disturbed once in a while by the laughter of eager individuals relieving their troubles away with restless company.

Drinking my second bottle, I turned around to see who among the populace am I sitting with- but all I can see are silhouettes illuminated by the pale light.

Leaning over to reach for my wallet to pay the sarcastic new bartender who’s constantly eyeing me as if I will scram the minute I’ll stand.

Just then a hand patted mine. I looked up to see a stranger, who’s seemed to have gotten loaded somewhere, looking like an executive but smelling puke and with the look from his sleeves, obviously went through a beating.

Not to be rude and the affable person that I am, I begged pardon and asked who he is and motioned him to take a seat. Maybe I’ve known him from somewhere but I just couldn’t remember…with a rolling gait, he sat down.

He said in a freaky voice…"I am Randy (Hik) and you are Albert (Hik)… the awesome duo who always owns the night!” No I retorted, I’m Jovir and I don’t know you bai…you might have mistaken me for somebody else… He just smiled and pressed a finger in a hush and with a husky voice this time, spoke up “Bartender…bai, I’d like two more bottles of Red Horse kanang bugnaw kaayo” he calls him.

Turning freaky again, “Not another word from you, but did you remember our night out with Frank and Colleen? Jeez, I just don’t know how to say to her face that I'm gay! I mean just being there with the two of them, I just can’t bear looking at frank; my, the look of those muscles took me away for good. I just don’t know how to say this straight to Colleen that I just don’t love her; how with her every caress I long for Frank’s instead. This is what keeps bugging me; maybe you can help me out.

Noticing the situation and realizing evil fun with free beers. I just patted him and quipped “Ow Randy sometimes it’s just easier to let go and tell the truth. After all, it’s your life and your happiness that’s at stake here, better let it go!” all the while motioning him to go on.

“(Hik) You know what bert, I have sinned against my wife big time and I just couldn’t bear the truth of her reaction that her perfect husband is not all whom she thinks! You know what, me and Frank made it out tonight in his car. I had the time of my life when that pun of his made it through, how big as well, felt like my rear’s gonna explode and it’s still aching until now! I know you’ll drool when you’ll see it, but I’m certainly not sharing it with you!”

Nodding my head in sheer amusement with the things I heard, all the while gulping another bottle given by the bartender. I figured not to go on with the conversation so I’ll never hear more of his silly revelations but no, for he uttered further.

“How about we go to the restrooms (Hik) and I’ll let you feel the hole he’s made, I'm sure you’ll love it”

That’s it I’ve had enough…

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