Friday, March 02, 2007

Writing Exercises: (Writing a personality profile without using a single Adjective- 300 words minimum)

whew! figured I have to post this one- another exercise given by my boss and man, I sucked myself on making it! I reviewed this one before submission, but still a few words managed to get through my caffeine infested eyes. This page, became bloody red upon checking.

Me in a nutshell

I was born into this world in the year of our lord, nineteen hundred and eighty, to teachers’- Jose and Virginia Amatong. I was raised by my parents in the town of Compostela – a town situated at the northern part of the island and stands approximately 24 kilometers from the metropolitan and has been enjoying my stay in that town ever since.

I attained the levels of education in the centers of learning on that place and eventually moved to the city.

After graduation, I immediately worked and moved from different establishments in the city to explore the other fields of writing before eventually moving to iCOMM International in order to equip my skills further in writing for the World Wide Web, marketing, and advertising.

I am one with adventurism, open-mindedness, and curiosity. I am willing to just about venture into anything that I might find to be of worth knowing.

I am an enthusiast of music- to the point where I’m singing the genre I like on stage, goldfishes, sci-fi and fantasy books, movies, arcade and PC strategy games, and I have a penchant for gardening and is slowly developing my knowledge in raising the ruminants on our farm.

In the 26 years of my existence, I am still wandering about, gathering what I could to prepare myself for married life. I have a fiancé right now and I admit that even if the thought of marrying her is on my mind I am still considering a lot of things. For one, I fear marriage without stability and I want things to go smoothly when the time has come for me to face that, without sacrificing my freedom to do the things I like.

I really enjoy the freedom that I have for now. Being a child without siblings, has taught me a lot of things- not only in the aspects of personality, my being, and all those things that can only be taught inside the four corners of a classroom, but how I look at freedom and life in a kaleidoscope of a child without siblings, left on his decisions to wander in the streets.

This is me, said in a nutshell.

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ailema said...

wow such a very expressive words life is indeed very mysterious. good writing keep it up. :D godbless