Friday, March 09, 2007

Writing exercises: (Nano- fiction composition in 55 words)

Figured this is a great exercise. In the writer's pool we were given instructions to come up with a nano-fiction in just 55 words, titles to start and with the parts:

a. Setting
b. Character/ characters
c. Conflict
d. Resolution

1. Trouble on the mountain side

They were just miles away to reach the ground. Pete, Sam and their guides were taking a break near the crevasse, took their last look at the mysterious beauty surrounding Devil’s gate. “We’d better be off guys, before it gets dark. Sam, is that snow coming down the side?” “Nope” Sam replied “its just clouds.”

2. Christmas in the Ant Colony

Christmas, the time for feasting in the ant colony. The queen before the crowd of workers decreed that whoever will open the enormous storage bins will become her king. Five drones and two workers stepped up for the challenge. The five drones failed but the workers succeeded, thus, the two became kings, a crown each.

3. Interfering with History

The time machine swiveled. From inside, Peter and Paul stepped out cautiously to see a prehistoric world before them. “All follies and ridicules are now long gone Paul, Look at the sight! we’d better step out and explore!” “wait” Paul retorted. “Perhaps we should linger awhile inside, I hear a ferocious roar in the distance.”

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