Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Prisoner (An office daydream)

Tonight ill climb those high walls again
Which to me, no man would dare climb
Go past the sentries, In the dead of the night.
Run past the watchdogs, with eyes red as blood.
Ravenous, with teeth razor sharp.

Step upon those thorny bushes that cut like knives
Past those gleaming searchlights.
Get a grip on those protruding white stones
Slowly and painfully inch my way to the top.

This ball and chain ill try to break away
With an iron saw in hand, coupled with a hardened gut
frail hands must cut through this cell
A small burden for a prize I had long for.

Surely they’ll hit me with what they’ve got
The cunning arts I must employ
Battle with my fears, grind my teeth
In silence, I must camouflage.

In hell’s kitchen I will burn,
To get caught or not,
The only cards I’ll play

If I’d get caught
My body, in bullet holes will be pierced
But It’s worth the gamble, for freedom I pray…

Then all of a sudden, What the heck?
The thought I must leave for another day
For I’ve just waken up from a daydream.
Wipe the drool off my chin.

I still have to work, on my PC I suppose,
Got a moments loss, into a doze
Assignments to finish, and earn my way
For the good of my wages, there are bills to pay… (JAmatong)

Message in a Bottle


cat said...

Hi Jam :)
Read a few of your poems and I can say that it's a strong one. :) almost like a rock band or rap band type of lyrics. Guess that's the difference between guys and girls :)
Anyway i like the one on "The Prisoner'

Philippine Call Centers said...

Is this your poem? This is really good.