Friday, September 22, 2006

Writing exercise- Presidentiable 1 or 2? (The argument I had with my consience during the past national polls)

Me: With the sudden shift of events after a lot of EDSA revolutions, plus the downfall of the economy not only in our country I think it would be better if we let a capable and intelligent president hold the reigns of the country. Of the two, I think P1 seems to be the right person fit for the job with her credentials than of P2 which finished only elementary and gained popularity only as an actor!

Me2: Hahaha, don’t be a fool! Ok ok I admit that P1 may have good credits to her name, but man she’s a hypocrite and a power grabber!

If you’d go to the streets right now you can tell that P2 has the people’s hearts. Even if she’ll win she only has the name but how can she run the country well when nobody, not even the poor is supporting her. I think P2 is more fit, in this sense!.

Me: Hahaha, don’t make me laugh. I think he’s an idiot - he’s an actor for god’s sake, that’s why he has everybody’s heart, but I admit though that he has run his production company well even without proper education. Perhaps, it was somebody who ran it, "under the saya” hahaha.

Me2: See, you do admit that he had managed to run his company well, imagine what good he could do if he’s top honcho of the country. And your P1 including her husband are rumored to be political underground players where they frequently let the three G’s (goons, guns, and gold) do the talking for them, and the most dangerous part there is that we don’t have knowledge of their activities because P1 and her cohorts have masked their activities well enough! I’d rather stick with my simple actor whose mind is not yet corrupted by Philippine politics.

Me: Grrrr! Do you believe what you’re saying? That’s the most dangerous part! Picture it this way, he has a simple mind (like his friend) he will easily be corrupted and used by the people around him for their own personal ends because he will be too dumb to see what he’s doing. By the way, where’s his friend now? Locked up in prison! I’d rather gamble with placing P1, because I care about my country’s welfare than to have somebody like P2, who I fear will worsen the already-worse situation f our country.

Me2: Ok, you have your way, I’ll have mine. All I know is that you’re making a big mistake if you put her in power.

Me: Hahahaha, your problem is that I’m calling all the shots around here. You’re nothing but my conscience, too bad I’m controlling the hand that will cast the vote tsk tsk I pity you. Having said this, I cast down my vote in her favor, and went on with my day as usual.



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