Thursday, September 21, 2006

Writing exercise- An Application Letter

September 21, 2006

Dr. Rupert Bean PhD.
Aerospace Technology Department
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
St. Andrews Base, Pasadena, California

Dear Sir,


I have heard from a reliable source coming from your department Dr. Albert ‘Teborcio’ Einstein, whom I believe is one of your assistants and happen to be a close friend of mine since college, that you are in dire need of a specialist in the fields of Quantum physics and Aerodynamics who will work closely with you and your staff in doing classified projects and experiments aimed for the United States Air force.

It is in this matter that I would like to present myself, Jovir Amatong PhD. DOA for the job that your good office is offering.

I am currently residing at Suite 69, Timesquare, New York, 26 years of age and a Doctorate degree holder in the fields of Aero-analytical Phase Engineering, Aerodynamics, Astronomy, Computer Engineering, Dressmaking, Tire- Vulcanizing, Cooking, Journalism, and Physical Education (To name a few), from Indian Aerospace University in San Jose, California.

Some of my credentials include working as Director for Bell Technologies (Which has coordinated with your office for the Apollo Space Program back in 1993), the creation of the steering system for the Moon rover, the invention of the Banana barbeque pill- food for astronauts, and the co-creation of the highly revered ‘Project Hornet’- a United States government commissioned project where we experimented with Rocket Aerodynamics and the effects of space travel on astronauts thru the use of paper models and planes. Unfortunately, the project was cut short by the government because of the lack of available funds and monitoring but still we have gained ample knowledge from the project that is now in use the world over.

Though I may not be the foremost expert in Quantum physics, but it is in my good intention to let you know that what I may lack in that field, I can easily make up since I am also a Computer Engineer and I have invented a software program which can aid me in that field. I can also brew up great tasting coffee, and I can cook exquisite mouth-watering dishes perfect for you and your personnel.

I have attached along with this letter, my comprehensive resume and assessments from my colleagues from different aerospace institutions around the world.

I am available anytime for an interview at your convenience.

I hope that I have met your requirements with regards to the nature of your work and the projects at hand.

Respectfully Yours,

Jovir Amatong

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