Friday, September 01, 2006

The Light by the Window

One rain pelted- cloudy day
I saw a light by the window
From a house I passed by;

When I came out for a day’s walk
To be with myself, and find time to engross in all my troubles,
And let time fly away on the park nearby;

The light shone so bright, more than I ever did see
Not the ordinary setting for a house,
A feature built for you and me

I stared, and curiously took a peek,
On the light that used to be small before my eyes but now glowing even more!

Standing motionless by the window I looked on still,
The light was dancing like yellow dessert fires on a moonlit night
Capturing me with sheer delight!

Then a feeling of warmth, somehow strange to fathom
Filled myself and engulfed me with intonation
Surprisingly all my troubles that haunted me, all have gone away
My mind’s at peace with no more worries to care...

I took the light in my arms carefully, and gladly ran all the way home
The light I put in a pedestal to be always by my side, in the dark to guide my way

And as a constant reminder I said to myself, that the light I took,
I must always kindle and take good care;

For the moment it's left out and fades…I will never be here...

Jasmin Uy

Message in a Bottle

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