Friday, August 25, 2006

The Queen and the Dairyman

Once upon a time in faraway village, there lived a humble dairyman by the name of Gino Carpio. Gino was satisfied with his daily routine of attending his cows- from milking and feeding them early in the morning, to the delivery of the bottles of milk he obtained from them, to the village folk in the valley below his farm.

One of the patrons who loved his milk very much is Melody, the queen of the village. Every morning she would tell one of her trusted maids to go down to the village gate and bring back to her news if Gino has passed by riding on his dairy wagon. She will then put on her disguise- a peasant’s dress and a red hood so that nobody will recognize her and stand in wait at the village gate to get his milk.

Gino, unaware of the identity of his patron, would just go about his everyday business and will sometimes stop to chat with Melody after serving her his milk.

Weeks passed by and the two became very close friends, so close that the village folk who usually see them chatting in the village plaza often mistake them as lovers spending their time together!

However, trouble was looming down on Melody’s village, for the greedy king of a nearby village is secretly mounting up his soldiers to attack and destroy Melody’s. Melody and her subjects are unaware of the king’s intention and is lying defenseless of the brewing attack.

It was during one of those morning trips of Gino, when he passed by the village gate that he happened to see three suspicious looking men carrying trays of duck eggs heading to the direction of the palace. This stirred his interest so he hastily followed one man who made a stop by the village inn.

He waited a few hours until he saw the man come out and went in an alley. In the man’s hurry, an egg fell from the tray he was carrying and rolled in the gutter.

Gino noticed that when the egg fell, it contained no yolk but a piece of paper! He grabbed the piece of paper and read the message that is written and he was surprised when he learned that the message was for the greedy king’s awaiting soldiers and that they are ordered to attack Melody’s village at dawn the next day!

Gino hurriedly proceeded to the village gate for he doesn’t want to miss delivering his bottles to melody, who by this time was sitting by the village gate and was wondering what happened to her friend that made him miss out with his delivery.

Gino explained what happened and what he saw to melody and asked her if she could go to the queen’s palace and inform the queen of the dreadful news.

Melody upon hearing the news, quickly revealed her true self to Gino and ordered that she be taken to the palace immediately so that she can order the general of her army to meet all the village folk and tell them what to do.

All the people gathered around the village plaza, and the town crier was ordered to make a rant of the queen’s order for all the women and children to be evacuated immediately to the mountains behind the village.

At dawn the next day, as the greedy king’s army attacked the village they were surprised to learn that not a soul was in sight and all the houses are empty!

As the greedy king’s soldiers sat in surprise, suddenly Gino as ubiquitous with his wits and tools as always, suddenly appeared along with the villagers and pounced on the surprised army.

At daybreak, Gino and Melody’s army was winning the battle and by noontime they were already celebrating in victory. Melody thanked Gino for his gallantry and they married right away. The two lived happily ever after with their 36 sons and daughters.


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