Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Letter of Complaint-from hell!

The Manager
Durabille- trysikille Appliance Center
346, Kalye Pakaging, Cebu City

Dear Sir,

I wrote to you this letter as I wish to bring up to you some complaints that I have concerning the television unit “United-Devil eye wide screen” model no: 220 that I bought last week (August 4, 2006) from your store.

When I tested viewing it for the first time, I found out that I can only watch 3 channels on VHF (as opposed to your 101 channel reception on VHF), and when I tuned it to MTV channel 29 which is on UHF, the unit emitted a wailing sound sort of like those emitted by possessed persons!

The next day, when I turned it on again (bearing with just three channels) this time the power knob fell off so I had to poke the power knob hole with a toothpick to turn the damned unit on.

The problem did not stop there, because 5 minutes later the screen blinked 3 times and suddenly exploded, knocking me out of the sofa where I was sitting!

The fire that followed because of the explosion was so immense that it burned half of my house-from the living room up to the kitchen!

Luckily, some of my neighbors saw what happened and called up the fire department for help, while some brave hearts stormed in on my house and brought me to the nearest hospital.

While I’m writing this letter to you, I’m still in the hospital ward recuperating from the 3rd degree burns I received on my face, all because of this god dammed television set of yours!

I demand a compensation of P1, 000,000 for the damage that your television set has caused me and my property, or face a lawsuit by my lawyer.

If you wish to contact me for clarification on my complaint, you can see me at ward 5110i, San Bruno General Hospital, English B. Rodriguez St., Cebu City anytime until Friday this week.

I hope that my complaint will not go unnoticed by your office, as my patience is slowly running out.

Bernard Alimatok Jr.

683, Barangay Cambinokut, Cebu City


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