Friday, August 25, 2006

New sport made entirely for highland extreme waves enthusiasts

In the Mountain province of Bunhok, the townsfolk are well contented with their simple lives. They go about their daily duties of tending the rice paddies and terraces that is their primary source of food and income. The place is nothing but a picture of harmony, with the occasional disturbance created by a screaming farmer brave enough to do a sport that looks like wakeboarding but with his carabao as a makeshift speed boat here and there.

Looks awkward doesn’t it? Yes it’s nothing but a new sport invented by Gino Carpio, the current National extreme waves wakeboard champion, the sport he called as “Skii-Bao”

To go ‘Ski-baoing’ one must have water skis (used traditionally in wakeboarding), a ‘Quitis’ or rocket firecracker, and a carabao to strap in and hold on to. To start the action one must have to securely strap the reigns to the carabao, put the firecracker thru its butt and light it, add in an insane mind and away you’ll go!

In an interview, the champ said that he invented this sport as he wants the farmers of the highlands to enjoy the feel of the extreme waves of the ocean- something they cannot do so, due to their location which is at the uppermost tip of Southern Cebu, and approximately 69 kilometers and 8 hours away from the metropolitan!

Already, this new sport is currently a hit with the farmers who’s making waves but at their carabao’s expense. Enthusiasts hope that this new sport will be recognized as a potential sport in the country.

Spectators on the other hand is widely supporting the competition and also looks forward, (mouth-watering) to get their pieces off the meat of the carabao skis.

A Ski-bao athlete (Shown in the picture) demonstrate the steps to start the action.
His carabao died 45 minutes later due to an incarcerated wound in its butt.

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