Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I think that I shall only see
Warm and dark waters rushing angrily for me;

Catastrophe will come, upon whose hungry mouth will be fed,
Heaps of mud and garbage, in a roaring rage;

Aghast and all mad to lash back at sleeping innocents,
Fast as lightning, feeding death off Gaia’s breast;

Now I’ll never guess which time of the year is summer;
Feels like hell freezes over, by the last sunrise of the winter chill.

When it rains it truly pours, then come famine where families lay by mercy’s crackling…
At dawn come new age disease and pestilence;

Lungs all clogged with boils, souls cry for help with hunger;
Like toy soldiers, each one falls down…

Barren wastelands now slowly creeping;
An inch everyday, quenching the thirst of the devil.

Humans are the sentinels, sentient beings busy with everyday living.
Poems are made by fools like you and me,

But when will we ever learn?
Instead of groveling, we need to plant thee...

Still the choice remains, given by his grace and knowledge;
Only God can make a tree…


nothingprofound said...

I know the original poem on which this is based, and this is an apt reworking of it in light of the recent events in your country.

Jovir said...

@Nothing Profound: Hi, Yup this is my crude rendition to that one as i think in lieu with recent events, it needs a slight upgrade. I not only based with what i've seen here but cynical disasters happening around the world in general. cheers!

⋆✌㋡ღ⋆ ChenMeiXi ★ 陳美西 ⋆ღ㋡✌⋆ said...

nice! this is actually one of poems i've learned in school that i can still memorize (as in every line!) up til now ;)

⋆✌㋡ღ⋆ ChenMeiXi ★ 陳美西 ⋆ღ㋡✌⋆ said...

nice! This is actually one of the few poems from school that I can still memorize (every line!) up til now :)

Message in a Bottle said...

Hi Chenmei, you got it right this sure is an unforgettable poem back in highschool that's always stuck in our heads. Cheers always.