Thursday, October 15, 2009

New service and tools for Business Mobile SMS campaigns launched

From TheTMSway Ltd., the Hong Kong based company mobile content developer /provider that gave the world TMSFactory- the evolutionary self-service mobile marketing platform that lets local marketers and enterprise owners to conveniently create marketing and advertising offers via mobile phones, (including the likes of Blackberry and iPhone) comes the new zest to their line up that’s sure to raise the bar on strategic marketing and advertising campaigns a notch higher.

Dubbed as “Freemium” service, this update bases its new shortcode technology which allows real time interaction between media and mobile internet. This version offers simple tools in order for a client to build SMS campaigns which can be localized in over 160 countries and allow campaign output without Telco negotiations.

TMS Freemium Service allows marketers and content owners to create a mobile offer, create a mobile site using TMS free tools which includes: coupons, invitations, rewards and newsletters. Marketers are also given the option to use their existing mobile site. This service generates a unique shortcode associated to the mobile offer, which then can be displayed on media as (restaurant flyers, print ads, billboards, ads spots for TV and radio) thereby offering enterprise consumers ‘pull service’ real time in accessing a mobile offer with just a click, using the shortcode available at

“The Freemium service is an interesting way to start and appreciate the high value of media to mobile marketing” says Frederick Saurat, one of the founders of TheTMSway Ltd.

Also the SMS campaign builder, which is accessible via the “do it yourself” TMS factory platform, allows marketers to create SMS text ad with an option to embed a URL in the text that is linked to a mobile ad page. This also provides the tools to import a contact user’s base with the option create widgets to collect new user contacts. SMS campaigns can be launched in a number of targeted countries (TMSfactory provides the service in over 160 countries) conveniently and in real time, minus the Telco negotiation delays with a cost model based on CPC.

“This new updated version provides also a range of new tools and services like a free API to create TMS shortcodes and an interesting user-friendly tool to create and launch a localized SMS ad campaign” Frederick Saurat quipped further.


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