Thursday, October 25, 2007

Writing Exercises: Writing Back Cover Stories

The Assignment:

According to Jim Kochenburger, VP-Townhall Press, a research shows that most people spend less than 15 seconds reading the back cover of a book before deciding to purchase.

The book's back cover is a sales pitch and nothing else – it’s about engaging a potential reader's interest to cross the threshold of the book. You want action. You want to get people to look inside your book—or better yet, to buy it. Your back cover is the last piece of promotional material that hits potential purchasers on their way to pay.

Today’s exercise is an attempt to writing a back cover copy. Select one from the titles and explore. And from the story that plays around on your head, you may come up with a back cover copy. A good goal for cover copy is 150 words, 200 if you must.

  1. The Last Outrage
  2. Strangers in Paradise
  3. The Year of Yes
  4. The Devil in the White City
  5. A Life in Two Genders
  6. Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café
  7. Sleeping with the Fishes

***Below is what I came
up with for my choice, (The Last Outrage) I made up a story based on the popular PC strategy game : Battle Realms...

The Last Outrage

Mordikai, the country besieged by war is the setting for this awe inspiring sequel to last year’s best seller- Conspiracy at the Trenches.

Kenji, now aided by the heroic band of warriors from the Wolf Clan began the treacherous journey to the Kingdom of Levi to save Reva, the demi-god druid and Kenji’s love interest now held captive by the Cult of Samael on the bowels of Mount Shinja.

On the way, they will battle and make friends with the noble but deadly band of notorious thieves known as the Serpent Clan and will cross paths with the defiant band of Mordikai’s warrior-elite, the Dragon warriors. See how Kenji survives a near fatal blow that will lead him and his warriors at the mercy of Mordikai’s most powerful clan- Lotus.

The country’s tide will turn as Kenji, thru a duel of swords, is able to slay Arachnid- the treacherous Lotus pack master; and will in turn be proclaimed as the clan’s new leader.

Swords and Sorcery will clash once again as Kenji lead the united clans to go and battle the dreaded Berserker and his evil Samaels.

Will Reva be freed and will Mordikai’s peace be restored?...


Source: Message in a Bottle

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