Monday, October 29, 2007

A Rural- Urban Legend: Warlito "Waway" Toledo- Man or Myth?

"Be sure to lock your doors and keep your windows closed at night, be sure to keep the women and children out of sight, for teenagers it is a whole lot forbidden to take strolls and night-outs especially during the wee hours of the night; as he is on the prowl and looking for the next victim to pounce upon; among his favorites are those that are left home-alone..."

These are but some of the words that can be heard circulating in the Northern City of Danao and the towns:Compostela, Liloan, Consolacion that supposedly sheds the light on the man or myth "Waway", the former victim of foul deed-gone berserk, and is looking for justice on what has happened to his wife; one fateful night while they were resting after laboring for a sugar cane plantation harvest.They were supposedly robbed and attacked by armed men, and in front of Waway's eyes his wife was raped and brutally killed, and he was stabbed and shot several times and was also left for dead. He managed to survive the wounds and the grave ordeal,but has gone berserk and became a serial- killer since then.

Sudden news broke out about 3 months ago, with matching posters and flyers plus the supposed picture of "Waway" being posted 'round Danao, Compostela, and Liloan reminding everyone to be on the lookout for the dangerous criminal and be vigilant to call the authorities at his sighting.

I got the chance to hear news about him, when i overheard my cousin mention that he's going to bed early and watch over his house to safeguard against "Waway". I made him tell the story but to my bewilderment as i thought, that by now the police in my town, should this guy be on the loose; would be scampering checkpoints and night patrols,not to mention that a news "scoop" like this surely will never escape the nose of the media.

I heard some neighbors talk that he supposedly attacked a woman in Danao (raped and then supposedly plucked out one of her breasts thereafter.)Others would say that he has victimized another woman from one of the mountainous barangays in Compostela; and just recently, his sighting on far-away Lapu-Lapu; then the story would be told all over again, with different versions this time!(Another case of the Habal-habal story?)

This guy's popularity coupled with the tale and the posting seems authentic indeed, that it has attracted some attention from the media, and some prominent personalities scoured the town police stations for the authenticity of his story and the corresponding details that go with it, but to no avail; Policemen either don't have him in their records or would just say that he never existed; but a spark did came when a precinct from Danao; i think, commented that they have a record of him on a case back in 2004 and that it was the relatives of "Waway" that allegedly posted pictures of him around the city and the surrounding towns. Where the scare started, I've never known.

Provided that this guy's tale and what he does is true; has everyone on a scare-and a good thing mind you, as the streets became empty of late-night brawls of gangs and hang-outers!

People would say that he's out there on the prowl and that everyone is reminded to be home at night with the men to be always on the lookout for their women and children.

Still the question remains, is he a man or just another myth?...

Source: Message in a Bottle

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