Tuesday, June 05, 2007

3 Stars and a Sun- a tete-a-tete on the Philippine independence

This June 12 marks another yet tedious year in which we all celebrate our “freedom” from tyranny, poverty, apathy, corruption, greed and of course debt?

Let us skip the boohoos and simply look back to the cause of our heroes. Their blood became the legal tender and their lives, the bitter-sweet payment so we’ll enjoy the “freedom” that we have today, but still the question remains…are we really free?

For 300 years we were under the Spanish conquistadors and 3 centuries we suffered under their greed and oppression which eventually ended after long years of bloody struggles and revolts.

Like children waking up from a nightmare our forefathers lived by the sword and abruptly took their grip on the mighty power.

Another century followed with big brother America, bringing renaissance, education, political prowess, and capitalism. Things went well for a time until that fateful bridge incident that sparked the revolt and abruptly ended their stay. With the declaration of independence, the nation rejoiced back then, but only for a short time.

Other experiences that deepened the wound of freedom came to being, World war, Marcos regime and the worst of them all –poverty and corruption that is still existent to this day.

The transition after transition of people in power only proves futile for only promises and lies were heard of from their sweet tongues.

Nowadays, wanton crimes are becoming rampant coupled with rising prices of commodities, plus the shadow of greed and corruption…when will we experience the real essence of freedom? When everything we do, when everything we see and hear slowly becomes quite a burden…

Source: Message in a Bottle

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