Friday, May 25, 2007

My writing exercises: Acrostics (poetry with acronyms)

What's in a name?
Well, I interpreted mine in poetic lines in our recently concluded exercises. Try yours and fire away!

The Eagle

Just as the sun rises in the east,

Over the silent hills, fertile valleys he seeks.

Vines and wires, the long miles he takes.

In search of prey, to fill his hungry heart with a feast,

Roaring courage like thunder, but swift as the wind;

A king is on the hunt again.

Master of the heavens, yet frail in manner,

An eagle is proud with no prejudice; yet a comical hunter.

To live by the claw and rule the clouds,

Over nature’s mercenaries, lay claim to their blood.

Naive yet a killer, merciless; an arrogant scream he cries,

Gone in a blink after a graceful killing; he takes to the skies.

Source: Message in a Bottle

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