Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Untitled (A dose of Prose dedicated to the famous)

A payment to you.
Life’s ladder you climbed.
The instrument to reach your ambition.
A lifestyle you uphold.
A dedicated occupation.
A family you saved.

The ramps you passed.
Under glaring lights.
Mystic cameras.
Creates a billboard for me,
A light on screen.
A colored blot to view on the morning paper.
A face gracing the magazine covers.
New clothes to wear.
Cushions to sleep.
Life’s luxuries.

Yes, life on the fast lane
The money, cars
Engrossed on the limelight.
Busy schedules to keep,
Sleepless city lights,
Frenzy city nights.

What’s on the other side?
I don’t know
You could be a friend.
Perhaps a foe,
Perhaps a cellophane,
Life’s misery, you hid undertow.

Villains, they will haunt you
Envy your success.
On deaf ears, let them pass,

For you are loved, subtle and simple;

behind your back he has always reside

though he may not have much...

Live your days.
Always keep a sane mind.

Follow not deviant ways.
Look life not upon a shelf.
Together, build a house,
Raise a family,
Make it into a home.

When all this will be over
Look upon your shoulder,
Take a peek,
On things you have surpassed.

Looking in the mirror,
Your lips will crack into a smile.
You lived your life.
You’ve made your mark…

And when it's time to go
To yourself, you'll say…
“I’ll see you when you get there…
If you’d ever get there, someday”…

Jasmin Uy

Message in a Bottle


Anonymous said...

talented ka talaga jov. love this piece here.super. galeng ->isa =)

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