Monday, February 05, 2007

Jason Mraz - Mr. A to Z magnifico!

“The Lord of layback music”. That’s the best title that I say truly fits Jason Mraz.

From the first time that I heard his songs (off from A to Z), the sudden burst of unique mix of beats, (That’s pleasing to the ears, mind you) coupled with fast paced lyrics somehow turned me into an instant sound addict that I want to hear the songs and sing them all over again for the rest of my office life! (Much to the moans of complaints from my office mates.)

Songs like: Geek in the Pink, Mr. Curiosity, Clock watching, Please don’t tell her, Did you get my message, Wordplay, and Remedy from his old album has been playing in my mind ever since and I find it very amusing that only a few artists can do this sensation to me, and kudos to Jason for doing that!

Try his sound remedy, I’m pretty sure you’ll get in the bandwagon in no time! if you don't believe me; feel free to check out his video, Wordplay.


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