Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Writing Exercises: The Reunion and the Loss (Scriptwriting)

Character description:

Gino Carpio: A “Balikbayan” Marine engineer who has recently been home fresh from his exploits in the United States, to the small town of Moalboal. They are childhood friends with Melvin but got separated for many years after Gino’s family moved to manila for him and his siblings to study.

John Peli: A proud owner of a popular “sari-sari” store chain in Moalboal’s town market. He has been longing to see Gino again but lost contact with his friend. After graduating college, he has managed to put up his own business and has been prosperous ever since.

Scene 1
One early morning, as Gino was jogging off in the town plaza, he decided to go around the town’s important places and see what changes had he missed after he left it.

As breakfast time is growing near, he decided that a bowl of “Utan bisaya” would be a great alternative to his usual American diet and a healthy one too, considering the parties and beers that he has taken up since he came home the other day.

So he decided to proceed to the town market and buy the vegetables that he need to brew up a healthy bowl.

He looked around at how his town market have changed, in infrastructure- far from his childhood days wherein he’d picture out cigar smoking fat ladies just selling their goods off from blankets all laden with the fruits, vegetables, and poultry products that the town has to offer.

He was just gathering up the items on his list when he happened to spot from one of the stalls, his childhood friend and confidant, John busily attending to his customers.

He came up to him, said his greetings and teary eyed gave John a hug and a kiss, (which was their usual greeting back in their childhood days) much to the amazement of onlookers.

At first, John was astonished and was not able to recognize him right away but after seeing Gino’s eyebrow, was able to recognize him and return the greetings.

Gino started a conversation with John, and started talking- reminiscing the times that they’ve spent together.

Gino: (after staring at Melvin for a minute) Did I ever tell you about Daisy? Daisy Fuentes I mean.

John: Err, did you say anything? Ohh yeah… Daisy now I remember! Why what’s up with her?

Gino: Yup Daisy, the girl whom I used to date back in high school, man how cute she has become! Just this morning I saw her jogging in the town plaza, and I recognized her right away. Man was she hot! Looking at those curves, wonder if she’s still single though; I haven’t got the chance to come up to her as I was going the other way.

John: I see, (looking at Gino with eyebrows raised) well she’s just around. News is that she’s married with two kids and she’s working at the municipal hall. She has been here in my place a lot and what a coincidence, just the other day she was here and asked a few questions about you too.

Gino: Dude, the guy that must have got her is the luckiest, I mean just by looking at her; she hasn’t aged a bit and the way I see it, she’s so sexy that she could easily pass as single in my eyes!

John: Err, hihihi. (drawing Gino’s attention to a bunch of spring onions) these would be great for “Utan” just add in the chicken and you’re good to go!

Gino: What’s up with you? I thought I told you I wanted to buy vegetables for “Utan” not “Tinola”!

John: Err, sorry… hihihi just got carried away. Anyway, I figured you might like to buy these too just in case

Gino: hahaha, man you still haven’t changed a bit, don’t you? You always seem to be thinking of something else whenever we’re talking
John: Err, yeah so I thought so anyway…

Gino: Now getting back to where we stopped, man Daisy….she’s the best! Anyways, so who’s the lucky guy?

John: Err, yup…me.

Gino: hahaha, your joking man, really… you?

John: Yup, I’ve been looking for ways to tell you this, but after you left her, we got engaged and got married. We now have two kids.

Gino: (Staring staring silently at Melvin) wooh no way! Really?... She married you?

John: Yup, and has always been for three years now

Gino: Really can’t believe it but anyways man, but I think it’s getting late and I have to cook these. Maybe, I could visit you at your house and meet with you guys one of these days?
John: Sure no problem man, but I think any day this week would be a bad idea. We’re so busy here (mouth starts to hone up bubbles, and starts to drool; drawing Gino’s attention)…maybe next week…
Gino: Hey your mouth’s watering man! Quit the joke already…hey, you guys (to the other sales clerks) lend me some help here! there’s something wrong with Melvin… hey, you ok? (catches a collapsing John) say something dude!...here…

John: Yes, I think the zoo is a terrific idea…

Lights dim, curtains close (End of Scene 1)

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