Monday, October 16, 2006

Writing Exercise: Never Say Die, Tin Eagle (Fiction)

Capt. Lionel Diz, a fighter plane pilot and 1st Lt. Josephine Stephan his navigator, are well decorated fighters of the Philippine Air force. They flew several dangerous missions together and accomplished them with excellent results hence, several medals and lauds of fame have been accorded to them by their colleagues.

However, ironic as it might seem, this awesome duo used to be the sweetest of lovers whose relationship was shattered only by a wrong turn on the navigational control committed by Lionel, while they were having sex in mid- flight, on a rebel camp bombing run late last year.

Josephine was angered when her head hit the canopy of the plane as Lionel, too high and about to ejaculate accidentally stamped the control stick and their plane went haywire and spiraled downwards with the bomb still on board! Luckily, Josephine was quick enough to regain control of the stick, dropped the bomb and flew the plane out of harms way.

After that unforgettable mission, the couple stayed away from each other, and since then they have not talked about what happened. Josephine asked her superiors for a re-assignment and was given an assignment at Headquarters.

Lionel just stayed silent when asked by his friends and went on to finish more missions.

However one night, the sirens of the base beaconed suddenly with the loudspeakers ordering pilots and their navigators to scramble and be on their battle stations immediately!

The Base Commander called on the two to be back on their plane and briefed them on another dangerous mission.

“Rebels are once again on the prowl, and attacked La Carlota, a small town in Negros Occidental, you’re duty is to conduct close air support for the Marine brigade currently fighting the insurgents. Give them everything you’ve got, from machine guns to hellfire missiles. And lastly Capt. and 1st Lt., fire at will!” These were the last orders that the couple heard, before they scrambled up their plane to conduct the mission.

While they were on their way to the mission site, Lionel then started a conversation after nudging the controls and Josephine started to giggle. He then asked her straight of what happened between them and how their relationship turned sour. Josephine was startled by the question and started to cry, she pointed out to him that his mistake almost left them at the thin line of life and death and why didn’t he just asked apology after what happened between them last year.

“Im starting to think that you don’t care about me, all you wanted all along was my body” she said, teary eyed.

Lionel was stunned on why the thought never entered his mind; he looked for the words to say but stared blankly at Josephine sitting at the back. He found himself a few minutes later snuggled in with Josephine at the back, doing sex together with the plane set on auto pilot!

They arrived at the mission site, much to the awe of the marine brigade who has been wondering on what took them too long to arrive and conduct the bombing run.

Once again, the two made a remarkable job of finishing the rebels, and was on their way back to base when they continued their conversation; Lionel asked Josephine’s forgiveness for his stubborn mistake.

“The reason why I have stayed silent all this time was because I was ashamed of what happened between us, and you know me, I was tagged by my pride all along to not talk about it, not knowing that I have hurt you in the process. I thought that after what happened you don’t want me anymore, but you know that I cannot leave you joc (as he fondly calls her) I love you very much and I care for you”.

Josephine’s lips broke into a smile this time with tears of joy and she calmly placed a finger on her lips gesturing for him to hush and kissed him. Then without a moment’s notice, the two were at it again (doing sex) setting the plane on auto pilot.

As the plane was rounding on top of a valley to get to their base, Lionel caught a glimpse of a column of rebel convoys slowly inching their way in the valley below. Still nude, he caught the bomb controls and managed to drop some of the ordnance that they have left.

The column bellowed up a thick cloud of black smoke, the two though still nude, managed to climb back to their controls and nose the plane for a check on remaining rebels.

After seeing that there was nothing left but smoke of the rebel convoy, the two called on their radio to tell HQ what happened and told them also of their quick return to base.

Just below the ground without their knowledge, a rebel survivor was slowly inching his way to get his anti-aircraft RPG gun and lock on their plane…


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