Friday, October 27, 2006

Writing Exercise: The Integration of Beer drinking into the Educational Curricullum for High school

In a privilege speech at a Division School’s yearly forum with the DEPED secretary, Mr. Jovir Amatong, a high school P.E. instructor from Metropolitan Cebu, said:

Our beloved DEPED secretary Mr. Rolando PiƱol, fellow high school teachers, friends, and colleagues, a pleasant good afternoon to you all.

I am very thankful for this opportunity that you have given me, so that I can speak to you and convey the idea that I share perhaps, along with more than a million teachers and parents across the country who finds it a necessity to add beer drinking as a part of our current educational curriculum.

Yes, you may go ahead and laugh at the absurdity of my idea, but let me tell you my point first before you add logic and judge my idea.

With the signs of the times and the ever changing values that our youngsters, the so called hope of the nation go through in life including the many “worldly” happiness, perhaps, it is time to teach them a lesson or two about drinking beer and being drunk.

Why don’t we, like let’s say allocate two hours, one hour for lecture and an hour more for field experience and call the new subject as “Drinking Arts and Body Ergonomics (DABE)” and incorporate Proper ways to drink beer, Proper ways to get drunk, the Best time and the Best beers to drink, Drunken self-management, and the whole lot of possibilities both advantageous and disadvantageous for them while they’re drinking.

With the incorporation of my idea into the curriculum, I tell you, we teachers and parents will be free from the burden of worries as our children go out at night with their friends, because they now know how to handle situations that may arise because of their drinking. Situations, that will lead them to the common good or evil of society.

I’m appealing to you now that with such a small amount of time consumed everyday by this subject, we’re giving only but small sacrifices to our pockets, all for the future of our youths who will someday rule the nation.

We will be giving them the opportunity at such an age, to experience the world and its vital component, one that we haven’t experienced back in our youth when drinking alcoholic beverages was considered evil and a mortal sin.

This way, they will be guided accordingly and therefore lessen the evils and wanton crimes that may surge because of their drinking.

With this in mind, I rest my case and leave all of this not only in the hands of our beloved secretary, but to all of us gathered here today to consider and contemplate for our future leaders.

Thank you very much

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