Thursday, April 25, 2013

Junjun Davide and Agnes Magpale tandem- It's about time we heed the call and elect new faces with new ideals to lead Cebu's Capitol

Just sharing my take for the nearing May polls. I've  been researching about my bets and I was certainly impressed by these two "extra-ordinaries" whom I trust (and I'm sure a lot of heads will nod) will bring the changes in government that we Cebuanos have been longing for with our Public officials and all public offices in general.

They both possess the will, zeal and capability to run the Province and I am one with their cause. The Capitol is the epicenter of it all. If we want change, then this place would be a great catalyst and spring board for new ideals that the entire Province of Cebu will rely its fate upon.

Furthermore, Junjun Davide and Agnes Magpale have gained the honor of being the President's chosen roster worthy to head Cebu's lot. If that's not enough to convince the skeptic in you then it's about time for you netizens to simply click a search engine or two, check out what's happening in Cebu and get to know these candidates (or your bets) better.

Enough said. If you happened to agree with me, pay their official website a visit @ sign up and become a member today!

“I believe I can be a worthy occupant of the Governor.  I believe that the office of the governor is a public trust and the Constitution requires its holder to be accountable to the people at all times.  To serve them with utmost responsibility, efficiency, loyalty and integrity.  To act with patriotism and justice and to live a modest life.” 

                        - Hilario (Junjun) Davide III

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John Marquez said...

Sweet post. It's about time we give these guys a chance to prove that they will not just talk but will certainly do the walk in the Capitol. Cheers

Message in a Bottle said...

Thanks for the comment JM and I totally agree with you ;-)

Tierra said...

Count me in Bai! ;-)

Jane Cena said...

Nice way of showing your support. If you care about Cebu and everything that's in it then you know who to rightly put in office.

I'm riding your wagon dude, thumbs up!

Message in a Bottle said...

Thanks for the support guys @Tierra and Jane. Visit their offical website @ and be one with the revolution ;-)