Tuesday, May 08, 2012

A call to modernize the Armed Forces of the Philippines and restore national pride

Though the truth hurts that we’re lagging behind our Asian neighbors in terms of military technology and might, it’s never too late to wake up and heed the call to boost our armed forces. As history witnessed- the Spanish and American colonization, World War II, Korean War, UN Peacekeeping missions and the ongoing Communist, Terrorists and Moro Insurgencies. The Filipino soldier’s bravery and tactical knowledge was and will never be in question.

But as time passes, we’ve seen enough mishaps and obvious circumstances wherein we can conclude that given something more, our armed forces (Navy, Army, Air force) could’ve easily crushed the state’s enemy within a much shorter time frame. 

We need to let the ideal sink in that we are now in the modern world and so goes with it, new armament and equipment to better be at pace with modern warfare. I say why don’t we tap on local resources (Like the defunct Santa Barbara Rocket, Defiant 500, Hari Digma and the recently successful Kalakian Armored Personnel Carrier) as it’s been quite proven that we have great inventors here who can do more at a fraction of the cost than buying what we need abroad. Hey, we have gunsmiths, engineers and technicians which, given adequate government support can very well come up with great products that’s at par or even surpass international standards!

Going local generates more jobs that we badly need right now plus, we could be proud with ourselves knowing that we have developed and used something that’s truly ours.

The current intrusion and “bullying” of China in what is clearly our territorial waters will hopefully serve as a wake up call for us to unite, set aside our differences, stop the corruption and internal strife and focus more on building a more capable military posture as external threat and foreign aggression is clearly imminent.

We cannot just rely on the US to help us in the time of need as we have dumped the means to do so. The US bases were stationed here to check on would be aggressors…Nevertheless, It’s about time we look up to the Commander in Chief and the brave men and women of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and support their every undertaking. Mabuhay!

Below is a Youtube vid (2012) feature on the AFP and assets from PinoyVendettaCrusade




A very clever 5 minute short animation that reveals the dangers involved...If you love PEACE and hate WAR, Please repost!

Message in a Bottle said...

Thanks for giving a stern message Soylentgreen.Point well taken. If you're familiar with us Filipinos you know very well that we are a peace loving and fun people and we dont go around grabbing things other people owned. Sure hope bully China will see things the same way as you do. Cheers and more power always ;-)


Thanks for the comment, what you say is true, but probably the Chinese would say the same thing as they always have some excuse to offer, especially about Tibet, etc.

Actually, I am also posting the link on Chinese nationalist Youtube videos as well, and if you have any pointers to any Chinese blogs which promote Chinese hegemony, send me the links and I will post the video there as well. Cheers!

Message in a Bottle said...

Thanks for the support Soylentgreen, come to think of it, Tibet needs the world's attention as well. Could be speculation on things, but I'm really wondering what's gotten into China nowadays that they seem to be aggressive without even thinking. I really would like to differentiate the "chinese people from their government" though.


Since the Taianamen Square massacre back in the 1980s, the CCCP decided to ditch International Socialism and focus instead on Chinese Nationalist and patriotic Rhetoric. As a result Chinese have been subjected to Nationalist education at schools and through the state controlled media, the idea being to intertwine the CCCP with the concept of teh Chinese Nation and Race, thus creating what we have today, where the Governemnt and the Chinese People are ONE, a bit like National Socialism under Hitler. Combine that with the extra 25 million 'angry single young men" due to the one child policy, and you have a fertile breeding ground for nationalist hysteria, Han Nationalism and anti-foreigner sentiment. It's a deliberately engineered world view designed to make sure the Chinese People support the CCCP as the representative of the Chinese People who will save them from the evil non-Han Chinese foreigners. Scary stuff...

Message in a Bottle said...

what they're cooking there is quite scary indeed! but im sure it won't be long till people become aware of what is happening and I'm sure the international community is looking at things closely. Guess we'll just have to cross our fingers that peace will come out as the events are slowly unfolding.

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Rob Roy said...

From the looks of it, i was sort of surprised when i checked about the defunct military projects that we have online. thanks for the info btw. Hopefully now that the need to fully modernize our armed forces is in the limelight, our government will take the issue of developing our own weapons and equipment VERY seriously. set aside na natin yung corruption at hindi pagkakaunawaan at panahon na para magkaisa tayo!

Message in a Bottle said...

Hi RR, thanks for your comment. i mean, our capabilities is never in question when it comes to inventing things. If we can convert thrash vehicles into cool jeepneys, then why the hell can't we make our own weapons right? regardless though, i do hope our present situation will act as an eye opener for people in government and look into these matters seriously. Cheers always ;-)