Friday, August 21, 2009


O dreamcatcher, do cleave it swift;
O dreamcatcher, the evening speaks.
O dreamcatcher, on this bed I lay;
O dreamcatcher, the sandman may envy.
O dreamcatcher, capture his dust,
As I close these weary eyes to end the day's demise...

Veil of memories, may they cover my eyes...
Dreams ill conjure, may I come to carve them and spit;
In your strands, the sands of time seeps...

When I run to the light; hear soothing music.
See applaud and gleaming faces, relieves my heart with feelings true,
Comforting hugs or a precious kiss where it may be a due,
Every step I take, snagging me to a growing window.

Prongs of memories I may live and let die,
Promise of success in valor, lest life's simple pleasures;
May they make me come clean, for each candle that burns,
I know I'll tread bitter waters or savor luxurious wines.

Like broken straws they may lie in wait, tonight underneath the spoils of my pillows...

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