Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The mystery of the stolen Tarsier and the Impostor-winner

Here's one story which i hope will bring a heads up among the organizers of the recently concluded Company Logo and Brand Icon contest held in Cagayan De Oro City- which I have known to be Shie Corporation, to probe deeper and review the wining piece Tarsier logo.

You've awarded the prize to an impostor and not the real artist who dedicated time and passion just to finish that masterpiece!
I'm sure you're all serious professionals who will never tolerate "infringement" and thievery to stain your prestigious event.

An artist friend and colleague Darlene Sanguenza who frequently makes logos and illustrations on her free-time and posts them for sale at picture website www.istockphoto.com received shocking news that one of her piece was entered into the contest without her consent and much worse, under another person's name!

As news of her piece winning one of the event's categories broke out and the P40,000 php prize that went into the hands of the "supposed" winner, all she could do is sit by a corner and grit her teeth in disbelief with the unfortunate event that went her way.

Abruptly after thinking things over, she got hold of the impostor's contact details and tried the subtle ways to remedy the problem (even bargaining with cash) but seems like this guy's stone deaf and stayed tough despite her pleas for no formal complaint has been filed yet, and im sure no one from the event has known about this person's activity until now.

What Darlene wants is to get back her piece of artwork, get the proper acknowledgment and the appropriate punishment for the impostor who maybe by now is laughing behind your backs for his ill gotten luck!


Anonymous said...

it's not good for the other who join the Shie Corporation logo contest.

dingexx said...

WTF...!!!he did not ashame on what he is doing..He won with out his effort in that masterpiece..

monster paperbag said...

Shameless dude. That's all I have to say. Tsk!

Bon said...

I know that guy..he's such a bastard! Kina-karma na ngayon. I bet his not happy with his life. He's a good player. And his wife is a bitch. They should go to hell.

Message in a Bottle said...

Thanks for your feedback and support guys, cheers always.

@Bon: your comment's a bit way off the scale, but we'll give it a try...
Indeed; this guy is not happy with his life,but did it ever occur to you that he needs your help?... and what more his wife is a bitch, really now? but as they say, things can only get bi-polar (shifting from one pole to another usually takes it's toll on some people, tsk tsk)... Forty winks.