Thursday, January 29, 2009

Writing Exercise: My imaginary take on the 2010 Philippine presidential race speech

The Philippine election season is nearing. Trapos (traditional politicians) will once again be in the spotlight. To be expected will be the mudslinging, character assassinations and dirty politics that follow the perverted golden rule – He who has the gold (and the guns, and goons) rules!

Enough of that! The Filipinos deserve better. In less than 400 words, write a speech announcing your own candidacy for the country’s highest post on a platform of ‘change’. Be convincing and inspirational. In short, do an Obama.

Here's the shot on my part:

The country’s boon or bane lies in your hand

Change… One word that’s abrupt, clear, yet so hard to achieve. I’m sure most of you gathered here today will agree that it is what the country needs and what better time to realize it than now!

Let me remind you that with your hand, you were given the power to direct the course of our nation- a right that’s clearly been taken for granted, maligned with apathy, greed and power today. Remember, it took decades of bloodshed and burden on our forefathers so we can enjoy what we have now. Remember, all the hardships and lives lost in the “hand me downs” of corrupt ruling- where poverty is the pestilence and money is reeled in as the cure. If you’ve sold your vote, then it’s as good as you’ve sold yourself, your children and their coming generations to the yoke.

Haven’t we learned from the pages of our nation’s history? How many more EDSA’s we’ll have to go through in order for us to see the adverse effects of our dirty politics and those deceitful in power. Given the current predicament of our country, it is not at all a reason to accept money in exchange for your “little” vote. Sure, you’ll get a fill for your empty stomach, but what is lurking behind the intention to buy your vote? ... Too hungry to even ask why?

Remember that when a corrupt mind is at work, what millions he lost now to buy your vote, he will simply regain and multiply once he’s at the seat of power!
Like a crab nibbling on the fat of the land, the more ruthless he will become with every bite, to get more from you.

I will not say more of the past administrations; you already know who’s who so I leave it up to you to do the accounting.

Open your eyes to your Television… Hear the growing number… wanton cries of the hungry and the oppressed…can these things be measured through the seam of a 1 Piso coin?

I will not promise and I cannot promise you anything, but in the premise of change I’ve climbed up on this podium to speak my mind. I come to you now not only as a candidate but also a friend who’s willing to walk with you in the path and heave my contributions to end our dire… Friends, good afternoon.

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