Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Writing Exercises: Making a Super-product Flyer

In the writer's pool we had a stretch to make a flyer copy for a super product we can think of, in an hour, complete with loads of information for the product in one small piece of paper and still manage to keep it interesting to sell even if the product itself may come as boring.

Here's what i came up with...hahaha

Time Capsule Coffin ZXD

In 201 B.C. the Pharaohs of Egypt built the great pyramids to settle in when they die and to preserve their bodies,watching the eons pass by...

Well, they gave us wonders to see, but did their sarcophagi and pyramids held true to their motive?

From the makers of NASA Space capsules – Pantheon Technologies Ltd. comes the state of the art innovation of a funeral equipment that everybody most offend neglects and hates the sight of – the traditional coffin.

Now you’ll never be afraid of death and look at coffins the same way again with Time Capsule Coffin ZXD complete with technological features:

  • Titanium Exoskeleton for maximum protection from the elements and the wear and tear of time
  • NBC (Nuclear, Biochemical, and Chemical) shield
  • Lifetime- Environment Microchip Controller, giving you the right amount of moisture and preservative- for that fresh first day of death look
  • EVAC INI- Evacuation Initiator, with all-terrain wheels and rocket boosters (Your computer guardian complete with danger sensors to automatically transfer you to another area in cases of emergency)
  • Light Weight and No Batteries! – Time capsule coffins come with self producing power paint that will last as long your coffin does
  • Comes in Custom-made Stylish Colors and Designs that will surely fit you and your lifestyle

With Time Capsule Coffin ZXD, unlike the foolish pharaohs, why would you just live for one lifetime when you can last FOREVER

Visit our website now at: www.pantheontech.com or call our toll free hotline at: 1-800-622. Our friendly technicians will attend to your needs 24/7. Just contact us thru these details and we’ll visit, advice, and give a quote on the unit that you want, wherever you are in the World!

Pantheon Technologies Ltd.

Harnessing technology to stand the test of time



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